Thursday, January 26, 2012

Home made shower cleaner

I have calcium deposits on my shower door. I made this home made cleaner yesterday morning and and heavily sprayed down the entire shower at 8am. At 10:30 I sprayed it again. I let it set while I went to work and then to the middle school basketball game to watch my daughter cheer. I came home, did homework with my son and made and ate dinner with the family. I sprayed the shower one more time and cleaned the shower. I could not believe how clean the shower was .... it looked brand new! BUT the best part was how much calcium came off the shower door! I highly recommend this recipe!!! AND... it was cheap too!!!


1 empty spray bottle (i used an old Windex bottle)

fill 3/4 of bottle with white vinegar

fill the rest with Dawn dish soap

Teach your kid to be their own person!

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