Thursday, April 02, 2009

Free Rain Barrels in Philadelphia.....

City of Philadelphia Rain Barrel Program - get a free rain barrel by attending this class if you live in the Philadelphia area. We really want to get some rain barrels. I wish this class was just a little closer to home. We live a little more than an hour outside of Philly so this is just a little too far to go. I do hope to have at least 2 or 3 rain barrels in place by mid summer though. I will keep you posted!

There will be 4 coupon inserts in this Sunday's paper. This is a great week to buy a paper. No inserts will be in on Easter Sunday.

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FCIC Promotion - Heloise Looking for Ways to Stretch Your Budget? - free booklet

Dove Dimensions - free sample

Snuggle Crème - $2 printable coupon

Miller High Life: Age Verification - check out the Miller High Life Extras program. Get cool stuff by entering codes on line... just like the Coke rewards program. You may have to do some serious beer drinking to get some of these things but they are great rewards!

Sam's Club - GLAD® ForceFlex® Tall Kitchen Garbage Bags - free sample

Home Made Simple® - sign up for this snail mail coupon book. Previously they have sent great booklets that contain a free item coupon!

Money Saving Mom: Target: Free Johnson's Safety Swabs - go here to find out how to get free Safety Qtips at Target


Debbie said...

We have the typical trash barrel for a rain barrel. I'd love to have a system where we could have more and look a little better. But, then the rest of the yard would still look bad so why bother?

Daisy said...

We live very close to Horsham, where the one class is, but unfortunately we are actually in the next watershed over- too bad! I really was hoping to get some rain barrels this year!

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