Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend Update...........

I have come to the conclusion that I get very little computer time when DH is on vacation. I have been very busy trying to decorate the house and Christmas shop. Today we have a birthday party for our 2 year old nephew. I will be happy when the kids go back to school and DH goes back to work so that things get back to normal around here.

I want to let everyone know I will be posting Cyber Monday deals early tomorrow morning. Come here for your on line shopping info!!

We stopped at Lowe's this morning and saw they have all their Christmas items marked 25% off already. If you need lights or decorations, Lowe's may be your place!!

Giveaway! free tote or water bottle

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Blowout Cards FREE Gift! : Blowout Cards - Sportscards and Trading Cards Wholesale Online Store - free sports cards!

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Myspace Graphics

Toys R Us Black Friday deals from Toys R Us are available on line! Don't fight the crowds or brave the weather. Click on the banner to get started!

Thanksgiving Sale - at Amazon and free shipping on many many items!!!

HERSHEY'S BLISS – Bliss Is Everywhere, You Just Have to Unwrap It.™ - enter to win!!

Home Page - free Christmas pin (could be used as a gift!) - Official Black Friday 2008 Site for Black Friday Ads, bf ads & Black Friday Deals, Thanksgiving Sale, Th... - my paper was missing a Walmart sale ad and Old Navy. If your paper is missing key ads... go here to check them out!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Don't forget to catch Oprah today to see her favorite holiday gifts. I have heard she will have more affordable gifts this year. In past years she had many items that the average person would not give as a gift. With viewers suggestions and a poor economy, she is rumored to have made things more affordable!
Update: Oprah is giving away a free downloadable Christmas album. Even the cover is able to be downloaded. This would make an excellent frugal Christmas gift! Go quick... it will not last long!!

Nickelodeon Contest.....

Nickelodeon, the company that brings your kids Nick, Nick Jr., and Noggin, is sponsoring a Holiday Money-Saving Tip contest. They’re enlisting Walmart’s Eleven Moms to run the contest, so you can enter right here at Being (as well as on the other Eleven Moms blogs) The prize? A $500 Walmart gift card!

My tip........
It is the thought that counts... not the price!
A $5 well thought out, meaningful gift that suits the person perfectly, is much more appreciated than a $20 or $50 spur of the moment, cross their name off the list type gift.

Grandma loves coffee and donuts so you get her a $5 gift card to her favorite coffee shop instead of another "Grandma Loves Her Grandkids" sweatshirt.

Wednesday Deals.....

I want to note that while many bloggers will be taking a break for the Holiday, I will not. Check back often. I will be updating all Holiday weekend!!!

Walmart is advertising that they will match any sale price from another store on Black Friday.

Amazon Black Friday - even Amazon is getting in on the sales. Free shipping on orders over $25!!

The Power of Family Meals® - Meals Together... Memories Forever - enter to win!! - free subscription to Wonder Time Magazine

Lipstock Chapstock Cream Lip Conditioner Free Sample - free chapstick!!

LifeGear - free glow stick

Register For Your Free Gift - free luggage tag

scent_of_the_month, ,Soy candles for sale, Southern Charm Homemade scented Candles, candle holders, incense, burners, incense.. - free candle

Save 15% on one item at Barnes & Noble with code M8H7N3F

Vocalpoint - Crest - free headband!!

Works for me Wednesday...........

I needed a picture for our newly remodeled bathroom. I really wanted this.... Solitude by David Lorenz Winston or this..... Framed COUNTRY PANEL 3 Warren Kimble Picture Print. BUT... really did not want to spend the extra money at Christmas time. So, as I was looking through a magazine, I found a picture I liked. I then dug out an old picture frame. This is what I now have hanging in the bathroom.

This works for me until next spring when I can afford what I really want!

Go here to see what works for other people......

Rocks In My Dryer

Wordless Wednesday........

Our Thanksgiving table decorations.... made by my children............

Go here for more Wordless Wednesdays.............

Wordless Wednesday » Blog Archive » November 26

5 Minutes for Mom - Bringing Moms Together

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Shopping Report.....

As soon as both kids were off to school this morning, DH and I headed out to shop.

The first place we headed was The Gap. I had $110 in gift cards from I got a bag full of stuff here for $13 out of pocket. Made clicking on all those emails all year long well worth it!

Next we headed back to Limited Too. They found such a great sale on Saturday with my MIL, that I decided to head back. I have a niece that will love their stuff. I got $134.00 in clothing for $55 out of pocket... plus $40 in too bucks to use later! I used their B1G1F sale plus a 30% off coupon to get these deals. This is the best Limited Too sale I have ever seen but... they put a flyer in my bag that says biggest sale ever on Black Friday. Are they giving it away?

DH and I went to lunch at Olive Garden. We had a $10 gift card and a $5 coupon. We had a great lunch for $12 plus tip.

Next was Target where I used this coupon... to get hair stuff for my DD for .19 cents!

Yes, we did by a whole lot more but these were the best deals I found. We then headed home to a quiet night with the kids and settled down with popcorn and this show... A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (Remastered Deluxe Edition) on tv.

What deals have you found so far?


Juicy Juice Register - free sippy cup

kidthing® - FREE Countdown to Christmas - free countdown to Christmas game - free Pantene samples

JCPenney Coupons - printable JC Penny coupon

TopBrandSamples - free sample

Print Your Coupon $1 off 1 Lean Cuisine printable coupon

Tackle it Tuesday.......

Well, another week goes bywith the wrap around porch project. It started like this......

... then we got this....

.... and then we had even more progress......

.... the start of a new roof......

.... and a new roof!!!!!!

.....but then we got this.......

................. and the project stalled since you can not put shingles on a roof with a half inch of snow on top of it. We will have just a little more work and then have to stop until spring. The main part is finished. It just needs all the finishing touches now.

Go here to see more Tackles..... 5 Minutes for Mom - Bringing Moms Together

Or Talk about Tuesday posts here.... The Lazy Organizer

Monday, November 24, 2008

Frugal or Home Made Christmas Gifts.....

I always try to do a few home made items each year. This year more people need to take this route so I thought I would share some ideas.

- home made bean bags - there are so many things to do with these!

- sew, knit or crochet a doll blanket for any little girl. Very little knowledge or sewing, knitting or crochet is needed for this.

- home made play dough Home Made Playdough Recipes

- home made candy

- make a scarf. This can be as simple as a piece of fleece or do a simple knit or crochet stitch.

- I like to get a gift card to a local business. You can get as little as $5 to a local coffee shop. This is my favorite teacher gift! Add this to a home made card from your child and the teacher will smile!

- a plant. Get a pot at a local thrift store and snip part of your plant off to make a new plant in your "new" pot

- home made stationary, note cards or recipe cards. With some inexpensive paper and a rubber stamp you can make a nice little gift!

- make a CD of the person's favorite music! Borrow CD's from the library for this.

- knit or crochet a scarf or dish cloth.

- home made snacks. So many times I see the cute little metal tins very cheap at thrift stores. These are great to fill with home made snacks such as chocolate covered pretzels, home made fudge, spiced pretzels or nuts you made from scratch or even some jerky. Everyone does cookies so I try to stay away from that.

- jar recipes. This is an oldie but a goodie and there are so many recipes for these! Look here... Mary Mae's Jars and Mixes

-cinnamon ornaments - Cinnamon Dough Ornaments - - these smell SO GOOD!

- home made fire baskets. I was at a big sporting goods store and saw these pretty baskets filled with pine cones and birch wood selling for $35. I thought these are so simple to make ... why would anyone buy them? Melt some way over nice big pine cones that you found in the woods some where, add some nice looking pieces of wood and stick them in a thrift basket with a bow. Just look at these and use your imagination.....
Pine Cone Fire Starter - Furnishings - Compare Prices, Reviews and Buy at NexTag - Price - Review

Here are some websites with more ideas.......

Easy Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas This site has a lot of unique ideas!

FamilyFun: Craft: Alligator Sewing Kit (Gift Idea) - and More Family Fun - I love this idea. I do not think I would do an Alligator but I love the concept!!

3 Things to Do With Buttons - and More Great Family Fun Craft Ideas - I love these book marks!

Menu Monday......

Monday...... grilled cheese and soup (have to deliver school fundraiser)
Tuesday...... hamburger bbq sandwiches, tater tots and spinach salad
Wednesday... Grilled pork chops, mac and cheese, broccoli
Thursday...... The big Bird and all it's yummy friends!!
Friday........ Cold turkey sandwiches
Saturday..... Left over Thanksgiving Dinner and a bottle of wine!


I have been busy gathering my coupons and gift cards for a big day of Christmas shopping tomorrow with DH while the kids are at school. There are a few things I want to buy that I have been checking the Black Friday sales for. I need to decide if I want to buy them now or fight the crowds on Friday. Will the deals be worth the struggle? I have been looking over the Black Friday ads here..... - Official Black Friday 2008 Site for Black Friday Ads, bf ads & Black Friday Deals, Thanksgiving Sale, Th.... I will still send DH out early on Thanksgiving to get a paper so we can check out all the sales.

Due to the overwhelming response, the Dr Pepper sign up that was posted yesterday is still available today. If you missed it then... GO NOW!!!

Request a Free Sample of Nordic Omega-3 Gummies - - free sample! I have my DS take something similar to this. - Tampax Pearl with LeakGuard - free sample

Christina Aguilera Inspire - Free Perfume Samples Christina Aguilera Perfumes - free perfume sample - printable coupon for free Muscle Milk at GNC'

Free Sample Form - free lotion sample

Request a Free Sample of Olbas Sugar-Free Black Currant Lozenges - - free sample

Glade® coupons and special offers - printable coupon - B1G1F. Match this coupon with a sale for a great price. These would make a great teacher gift!

Print Your Coupon - $1 off Pillsbury rolls - printable coupon - enter to win this contest by witting a card for Hallmark.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Free Dr. Pepper!!!

To get your coupon wait until November twenty-third then go to Dr. Pepper's website. Register to received a coupon for a free 20 ounce Dr. Pepper and then take it to any retailer when the coupon arrives.

Dr. Pepper says the coupons will be available for 24 hours starting at 12:01 a.m. eastern time on November twenty-third. It will take 4-6 weeks for the coupons to arrive. They will expire on February 28, 2009. Full terms and conditions are on Dr. Pepper's

Christmas Shopping Deals.....

We were out Christmas shopping today. We found some excellent deals!

Limited Too.... Has buy 1 Get 1 Free on everything in the store! Plus... we had a 30% off coupon that was good off the total purchase! Our bill was $276. After the B1G1F discounts and the 30% off coupon, we paid $103. We also got $80 in Too bucks to use at a later date. I felt like we stole a few items from them! The sales girl said they are really struggling because of low sales and doing what they can to bring in customers. I really do not see how they are making much money at these prices! These sales made everything 80% off!!

Toys R Us As much as I hate Toys R Us, I love a good deal more! They have wii games on sale buy 1 get $20 off a 2nd one. That is the best deal I ahve seen on wii games! Good on line too!!!

Here are some new hot wii games that are available also from Amazon......

All Star Cheer Squad

Animal Crossing: City Folk

Petz Sports

Six Flags Fun Park

Active Life Outdoor Challenge

Friday, November 21, 2008


I woke up to this today. A little to early in the year if you ask me. The kids are very happy though and the dog has experienced her first snow.

Make this holiday season less stressful with hassle free packaging at Amazon!! - Free Boomerang! - free Boomerang

DigiLake - Free Digilake's Pencil - free pencil

To be Defined free item from Johnnie Walker

Print Your Coupon $2 printable coupon for Clean and Clear

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving on a Budget......

With just a week until Thanksgiving, it is time to start planning your meal - if you have not already. A few ways we cut back.....

Look at the coupons now and combine them with store deals.

Make things from scratch. Home made rolls cost less than store bought.

Ask guests to bring a part of the meal. We always suggests desserts to our guests.

Serve things you preserved from your summer garden. We always have pickled red beats and corn that we grew over the summer.

Make the most of leftovers!!

Here are a few places around the web to look too.....

$5 Dinners: Thanksgiving on a Budget Series - great tips and recipes from my friend at $5 Dinners!

Holidays on a Budget - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, Easter

Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner - Trim the Budget without Forfeiting Taste Not Made Of Money

Frugal Finds From your Frugal Friend: Free Thanksgiving Decorations........ - and do not forget the free decorations!!!

Some great Target deals just in time.....

Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes .79Use .40 off printable coupon here =.29 each

Heinz Homestyle Gravy (jar) .79Use $1.00 off 3 coupon here= .46 each (when you buy 3)

Del Monte Canned Vegetables .50Use $1.00 off 4 coupon from 11/16= .25 each


The People vs. Stride - free gum - free Purell

Before you shop on line, make sure you look for coupon codes to save on items or shipping. Check at these places.....

coupon codes, promotional codes and discount codes at

Coupon Codes, Promotional Codes and Discounts at

Goody® Ouchless - $2.00 off any Goody Ouchless hair product. They cost a few pennies after this coupon. Makes a great stocking stuffer!

WELCOME - $1.50 off Spice Island Spice - printable - Official Black Friday 2008 Site for Black Friday Ads, bf ads & Black Friday Deals, Thanksgiving Sale, Th.. - keep an eye on the Black Friday Ads here. I have been watching for a few things myself.

$10 off at JCPenney, Special offer from our President - $10 off $25 at JC Penny!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I just joined Twitter. Click over here ----------------------------->
to follow me on Twitter!!
Not a member? Join here...

Wednesday, Wednesday..... - KOTEX Lightdays THIN - free sample

Yogi Tea - Green tea, organic herbal tea, black tea and Kundalini yoga. - free sample - Gain With Baking Soda - free sample

Betty Crocker - another free calendar

SEUSSVILLE GIFT TAGS - printable gift tags

Get a FREE Nature Hills Nursery catalog - sign up for this gardening catalog. They start coming after Christmas!

Jewels Molasses Tobacco FREE SAMPLE offer - free sample

Apple iPod nano 4 GB Silver (3rd Generation) - great price!!!

Registration - $2.00 off Robitussin printable coupon

Wordless Wednesday.....

This photo is a finalist in a photo contest.
Please, Please, Please..... could you take a minute and go vote for us? We have a chance to win a $500 grocery gift card. We are #7. Vote here......

The Finalists in the Prego Fun With Food Photo Contest

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday's freebies.....

Modern Dog Free Sample - free dog shampoo

Kaivac - SmartTowel - free smart towel!!

Free Pillsbury Calendar! - free calendar

Ensure - free sample

THE JCPENNEY FLIRTITUDES GIVEAWAY (Dec/Jan Issue): Starting November 18, 2008, bring the December 2008/January 2009 cover of Seventeen or a printout of the home pageto any JCPenney store to receive one (1) Flirtitude panty (approximate retail value: $7.50). Twenty-five thousand (25,000) will be given away. One per person. Giveaway ends January 6, 2009. While supplies last.

Free Pillsbury Coupon Booklet - sign up to get $10 in coupons

Tackle it Tuesday......

FIRST....... I would like to ask you to vote for #7 in this photo contest..... The Finalists in the Prego Fun With Food Photo Contest. We have a chance to win $500 to a grocery store! Imagine what a $500 gift card and some coupons could get!!
Please take a minute to vote for #7. We would really appreciate it if you did!!

OK, 2 weeks ago we started with this..........

........then we got to this................

............. and now look at this awesome bathroom I have. Well worth the hassle!! I really love it!!

BUT..... I still have this tackle going on.......
...... We started with this.......

............then it looked like this.........

........and now this. I am hoping for it to be just about complete by next week at this time. I am dreaming of all my Christmas lights hanging on my new wrap around porch!!

....and a side view....

Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday's deals..........

Beinggirl Sampling - free sample

Doggy Delightz - Home - free sample

General Mills - Fiber One - free after printable rebate - coupon from Yankee Candle for $15 off a Scentstories player

Frugal Fabulous - check out this frugal blog!!

Menu Planning Monday.....

Monday..... meatball sandwiches, mac and cheese, home made brownies

Tuesday..... Pork roast, red potatoes, broccoli

Wednesday...... hamburger helper, mixed veggies

Thursday..... Mini meat loafs made in this pan..... Deluxe Mini-Muffin Pan : Bakeware : The Pampered Chef, Ltd., Lipton side dish, peas and corn

Friday...... Pizza and a movie at home.

Saturday..... Grill night!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage

Well, Debbie at Suburb Sanity did this celebrity look alike thing. Hers were so funny that I almost peed in my pants. I decided to play along. While I am very upset to be matched closest with Roseanne, I at least matched with all women... unlike Debbie!

I already knew I was a dead ringer for Paris Hilton. I just wish I had a few hotels!!

Ok... I went back to do another one. They first photo I tried would not load so I tried yet another. I swear Debbie did something to it because this time this is what I got......

.... all MEN!!!!

BUT... at least Tom Cruise! No, not just any Tom Cruise picture... the one with the beard! What is up with that?

Wait..... I think I figured it out. This 2nd picture was on the beach with no makeup. Apparently, I look like a bearded Tom Cruise with no make up but like Paris Hilton with makeup.

Damn if I am ever leaving this house without make up again!!!


Buffalo Chicken Dip - Allrecipes - I am making this to take to a surprise birthday party tonight.

Free Turtle Chex Mix Bar! - free sample

Jewels Molasses Tobacco FREE SAMPLE offer - free sample - Marie Callender's Signature Sautes - free shopping list Ultimate Holiday Guide Download - free to download!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Some of my Favorite Gift Ideas.......

Double 6 Dominoes in Wooden Box - 28 tiles - a great classic game. I want to get this for my DS

Pfaltzgraff Winterberry 16-Piece Dinnerware Set, Service for 4 - a classy gift

Pfaltzgraff Winterberry Etched Glass Goblets, Set of 4 - a cheaper classy gift

LeapFrog® Tag Reading System - great gift for any 4 to 7 year old

Wii - a great family gift

Wii Rock Band Special Edition - already have wii? Then get this for the family!

Vera Bradley Umbrella - great gift for your friends in the office!

Slippers International Women's Fluff Scuff Slipper - i have these slippers and love them!!

Barbie Taffy & Puppies - very cute for the Barbie lover!

Iplay My First Baby Doll Set - I love this set and it is so affordable!

Mega Bloks Tiny 'N Tuff Race 'N Go Rig - a great little boy gift

LEGO Set - an ageless gift

Maxim Tumbletree Timbers Building Set, 50 Piece - a great classic!

M*A*S*H - Martinis and Medicine Complete Collection - my DH would love to have this!!!

Thursday stuff...........

Get a free sample of Dunhill LONDON - free men's fragrance sample

Greens Plus - Superfood rich in chlorophyll. - free sample

Made in Eureka - free sample

Perry Uniform : Free Tape Measure - free tape measure

Free Music Download - Kristin Chenoweth - Borders - Books, Music and Movies - free music download - printable form for a free Christmas DVD

Common Sense with Money: Join Stouffer's Dinner Club and Get a FREE Tote - Mercedes tells you how to get another free tote! - printable coupon for Borders

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Free Thanksgiving Decorations........

My kids always love to make the Thanksgiving decorations. Relatives love to see the table decorated by the kids work too. Here are a few great ideas I selected to share. Most are free or very frugal.......

Simple Turkey Day Crafts: Napkin Buddy - very cute napkin holder

Thanksgiving Place Cards cool place cards.

FamilyFun: Thanksgiving Crafts: Pilgrim Hat Centerpiece - and More Family Fun - a homemade centerpiece

FamilyFun: Pumpkin Centerpiece Table Decoration - and More Family Fun - another centerpiece option

Thanksgiving printable coloring page: Turkey placemat for kids' table - great placemats

Tuesday's Freebies.....

100 Free Activities for Kids - free download

Subscribe - Bill Me Later - Free year of Making Music Magazine - free tote!!

Facebook Clinique - free perfume Big Dog Daddy: MP3 Downloads: Toby Keith - free music download - printable rebate form

Costco - FREE SAMPLE KIRKLAND Signature™ Supreme Diapers - diaper sample

Tackle it Tuesday.....

If you were here last week and saw this was my tackle.........

I hope you will not be too disappointed to see that this is as far as we got. There was a new light/fan installed though. I am really hoping to show you completed pictures next week! I hate having this room torn apart!

This is the front of my house a few years ago..........

....and this is it this morning. The bathroom had to be put on hold for a week so DH could clear the front of the house for the contractor to start a wrap around porch for us today. 2 home improvement tackles at one time is enough to put me over the edge.

..... Hopefully next week I will have both completed and be very happy!!

The Lazy Organizer - for more Talk about Tuesday.

5 Minutes for Mom - Bringing Moms Together - check out more tackles here.

Today's to do list..........

clean windows
work from home for several hours
Homework with DS
baked chicken legs, baked potatoes and corn for dinner
bust DH's butt to start painting the bathroom!
read with DS

the homespun heart - go here to see what others are doing today.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Photo contest.....

I entered a photo contest here.... Win $500 for Groceries in our Prego FUN with FOOD Photo Contest. I am trying to win $500 in groceries! Imagine the things I could buy at the grocery store with $500. I bet with coupons, I could make that last at least 2 months!!! If I become a finalist, please vote for me so I can blog about how far I can stretch that $500!!

In this picture...... DS trying to eat a giant hot dog on Disney's private island in the Bahamas. Poor kid can not get his mouth open wide enough!!

Check out all the enties here......
Win $500 for Groceries in our Prego FUN with FOOD Photo Contest

Free Tic Tacs......

Tic Tac Chill - Get Your CHILL - go get them quick!!!

Menu Monday.....

Monday...... Spaghetti, salad, butter bread, apples
Tuesday.... Baked chicken legs, baked potato, corn
Wednesday..... Hamburger Helper, broccoli, home made apple sauce
Thursday..... Take out pizza (have a late Dr appointment and hour away)
Friday.... Birthday party
Saturday.... grill night


I never win anything. Yesterday I bought a few raffle tickets at DD's cheering banquet and won this nice gift. The boxes are filled with chocolate!! Yummy!!!

Tooth Fairy Pillow Pattern - Sewing - from - I am in desperate need of something like this in the next 24 hours!!!

Star Fine Foods - free product coupon

Print Your Coupon - print a Pepsi coupon

Home - printable coupon for Triaminic

Thanksgiving Printables (Thanksgiving Coloring Pages, Bingo, Activities) - and More Great Family Fun Printable Ideas - great printables for the season

- go here to see my featured post!!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Coupon Codes.....

i thought i would try to share some of the deals.

1) Kate Spade 10 % off promo code " goodluck1 " expires 11/21/08

2) Gap 25% sale merchandise code "extra25" expires 11/11/08

3) Sephora 20% off any order, plus free shipping over $50 code"FF2008" expires 11/10/08

4) Lands End free shipping promo code "freeship" pin 191053628

Friday, November 07, 2008


I am a little under the weather today but still have a few things for you.......

La Crosse Technology WS-9013U-CBP Wireless Temperature Station - a great little gift

Friday Sale - don't forget to check it out!

Ɯberloo International - free pack of sticky notes

Shurhold Industries free sample of Snap Stick

Canadian Club® Home - free calender

NBTYtote - free tote bag

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thursdays goodies..... - Start Making Choices Phase 6 - free sample of lime flavored popcorn. Makes me wonder if it should be served with Tequila

Steamfresh Meals for Two Free Meal Giveaway Landing Page- enter to win

The Complete Tightwad Gazette - the best thing to gift someone this Christmas! This book will help anyone that is struggling during these tough economy.

Unplugged Label for Green Eco-friendly V-Neck Tee T-Shirt
- it's Eco-Friendly and cheap!!

Green Living - this is a magazine I would like to try. It is a gift that gives all year long!

Giveaway! - free tote or water bottle

TheraCran®: Try Sample - free sample

New customers to RedBox, use code DVDONME for a free rental., Holiday Food - Brand Feature: GLAD Food Storage and Freezer Bags - free sample

Thanksgiving Place Cards - my kids make these Thanksgiving place cards every year. They are free to print from Ben and Jerry!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

She takes 2nd place.....

My wordless Wednesday......

Check out more Wordless Wednesdays here...

Less Of Me~ More Of Him

The Not-So-Blog Blog

5 Minutes for Mom - Bringing Moms Together

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday deals and steals.....

This is my meal from Tuesday on my menu posted here......Frugal Finds From your Frugal Friend: Menu Monday...... I did make one addition to the meal. I added a pouch of frozen pureed veggies like I posted here.... Frugal Finds From your Frugal Friend: Free Carrots and Tea....... I like to get the extra veggies in my kids when I can!

KBtoys: Free Shipping On Over 1,000 Items! (limited time offer) - check it out!!

BARBIE Party Cruise [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging] - another hassle free packaging item at Amazon!!!

Cook at Home Turkey Platter Set, White, 5 Piece - a very affordable serving plate for your Thanksgiving turkey... complete with accessories!

..: The Dish Coupon Offer ::.. FIRST 50,000.................FREE DEL MONTE Free Citrus Bowl

Get Ready for the Holidays - check out the deals!

L&M Ashtray - free ashtray with code LNM1864

Bath & Body Works - become a Bath and Body Works Advisor

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