Monday, June 18, 2007

Feeding your family on a very tight budget.....

I have had weeks where I skipped grocery shopping because money was tight. I have a large freezer that is usually full and a walk in pantry in my basement that is pretty full too. I can survive a week without shopping. I may not be eating what I really want to eat that week BUT, we will not starve. Here is how other families do it......
The 1-Week $45 Dollar Emergency Menu (Feeds 4-6 People) - Healthy Eating - Health - Family Resource - I think this is the most realistic suggestion.
Mary's $20 Monthly Menu - this one is a little outdated on the prices but you still get the basic idea.
$10 Grocery List - again, the prices are out of date but the general concept works. I had to laugh when it says to put $10 gas in your car. How far would that get us today?
Couponing, refunding, and stockpiling will make your money stretch by Mary Kenyon Issue #92 This article is written by a woman that I have admired for many years. Her thoughts are the very similar to mine when it comes to the grocery budget.

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