Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to School Dinner Menu....

We like to have as many family dinners as we can during the school year. Even though my daughter and I will be at cheering practice 3 nights a week, we will still want to try to squeeze them in. This week will be the first real test of that!

Monday...... beef roast, small red potatoes, onions, corn, clementines

Tuesday...... chicken Parmesan, spinach salad

Wednesday..... frozen pizza, apple slices, spinach salad

Thursday...... baked pork chops, mac and cheese, broccoli and cauliflower

Friday..... dinner out

Saturday..... Adult grill night!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thrifty Thursday....

While shopping for steaks on Saturday afternoon for our normal Saturday "Adult Grill Night", DH and I came across this form that we somehow missed before.

It said buy $20 if listed products, get $20 back by mail.

All this cost us $22.45. After mail in rebate, we will only pay $2.45!

Add your link and tell us what you did THRIFTY this week.......

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Tackle and some Freebies.....

Red Beets are the worst food ever in my mind. My DH loves them. He pickled all these to eat all winter long. It makes him happy! I am just happy to have other food available to me !

There are also 2 small jars of hot peppers pictured here. We love our garden!

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday's Finds and a Menu.....

Kashi Seven Whole Grain Cereal Snacks Entrees - printable $1.50 coupon

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Almond Snack Tin Giveaway - free sample

Request a Sample - Carmex sample

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Weekly Menu.....

Monday... Bubba Burgers, mac and cheese, totato salad, clementines

Tuesday..... Cabbage rolls, boiled potatoes, grapes

Wednesday..... Chicken Parmesean, spaghetti, clementines

Thursday..... Clean out the Fridge night

Friday.... Take out pizza and Netflix

Saturday....... Adult Grill Night!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Freebie Friendzy.....

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thrify Thursday.....

This is a new feature I will be running weekly. I hope you will join me and add your link. Show us what Thrifty thing you have done recently.

Last Friday, I did some THRIFTY school shopping with my DD. We stopped at Goodwill. She told me before we walked in that she was not getting anything there. I have been a long time thrift shop fan. How could she be my daughter.

Luckily, I did not give up on her before giving it a try. I had her in the store for 25 minutes showing her all the brand name things they had. Brand names she loves and in her size! STILL, she would not budge.

UNTIL... she found a coat she liked! I convinced her to try it on. Next came a pair of jeans... cut just right! Next thing you know, she is bringing things to me asking if she can get them. She even found an Under Armor shirt for $3.50 that would have cost $40 at a full priced retail store.

We ended up with 1 coat, 1 pair of jeans, 1 skirt, 1 pair of shorts, 7 shirts and a fleece pull over - all for $36.00! The Under Armor shirt alone would have cost more than that!

What have you done THRIFTY this week?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Bad and the Funny!

A few inches to the left and he would have hit me head on.

I could probably get in trouble for doing this to him BUT... he did it to himself! He is pretending he was arrested like on Cops!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday's Updates....

In the last week, our family found 37 cents on the ground. Brings us to a total of $2.23!!

If Life Gives You Peaches.....

When life gives you a tree full of peaches......

... you let your DH make a peach custard!!
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Target Deals...

All this would have cost $19.32. After coupons, I got everything for a profit of 16 cents! Of course they did not hand me the 16 cents. It came off the total of the rest of the things I bought.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another Frugal Makeover....

Last week, my DD was outside painting all the shelves from her room.

This week, we are ready to show you the final outcome. 2 cans of paint and a bed in a bag gave her this new room. I wish I would have taken a before picture! It was very pink before.

This area gives her a place to hang her purse and sweatshirt. Also, the chair will be a great place for a backpack or the next days outfit. The chair was a black and white chair I bought very cheap at an auction many many years ago.

I found some of the black frames around the house. The others used to be brown with different color mats. A little paint and they look brand new and like they were made for this room. Most still need pictures though.
DD made the curtins herself with the help of her grandmother.
This created a nice little spot for a few collections.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Freebies and a Menu.....

Monday..... Fresh Saussage, noodle side dishes, broccoli and cauliflower

Tuesday...... Hamburger BBq, chips, pickles, fresh peaches

Wednesday..... Take out Pizza

Thursday..... Baked Pork Chops, baked potatoes, peas

Friday..... Take Out and a NetFlix movie

Saturday.... Family Pig Roast and Fundraiser

Sunday... Tickets to a fund raiser Chicken BBQ

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Found Money....

The found money activity has been slow the last few weeks. We did find 4 pennies here and there BUT.. then yesterday DD found a quarter outside a Dr office. YIPPEE!! We are not up to $1.86.

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A Tackle and a Recipe......

We are at it with paint again. We are redoing DD's room. Here she is painting the pink shelves lime green. Finished pictures will come next week.

Italian Green Beans....
Fresh garden green beans in home canned stewed tomatoes and a fresh garden onion.

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Monday, August 03, 2009

Free Soap Opera Digest....

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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Money Saving Laundry Tips.....

Living frugal does not have to mean living without. For my family, it means saving money in one area so we can spend it in other ways.

Laundry is one area of my life that I find it easy to save money. Money that I would rather spend on other things! I hope you find a few of my tips to be useful.

1. Wash in cold water. Unless you have heavy grease on your clothing, warm water is not necessary and just costs you extra money by having to heat the water. I do almost all my laundry in the cold/cold cycle.

2. Use half the amount of detergent that is recommended on the bottle. If you try this and do not think it worked well for you, move up to 3/4 of the recommended amount. I have never heard anyone say they had to go back to the full amount after trying this experiment.

3. All summer long, I do use liquid fabric softener since i hang my laundry to dry. I also use half the recommended amount of this also. If money is short, I have turned t white vinegar (which is extremely cheap by the gallon). No, my laundry does not smell like a pickle. Vinegar actually cuts the soap suds so the laundry is cleaner and softer. When I do use the dryer, I cut my dryer sheets in half too.

4. Only wash full loads. Why waste the electric or water on a small load? Wait till you have a full load and get better use out of your money.

5. From March through October, I hang laundry outside to dry as often as the weather allows. Sometimes this means watching the weather report to see which days would be best for me to do laundry. A little planning saves us a ton of money. Nothing beats the smell of laundry dried in the fresh air! I hang socks and undies on a drying rack in my laundry room since I choose to keep them private.
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