Friday, August 03, 2007

Netwinner Update..... Earlier this week, I qualified for another $25 gift card from netwinner. This time it took me 5,665 clicks. I also had 8 new referrals worth 100 points each and 2 that played past 100 spind for another 400 points each. I have a few tips to share too. First, it is very important to verify your email address with netwinner. Go to my account and click on verify email and then follow the directions. Second, I have learned that points are hard to earn during the day. I do play during the day because I sit at a computer for several hours and it is easy for me to play while I work. BUT.. I find points are much easier to get in the evening. I try to click on netwinner when ever I can at night Third, it seems I have a very hard time earning points when I am between 10,000 and 15,000 points. Before and after those values, points come much easier for me. I try not to get discouraged and keep clicking. If you have not checked out netwinner, give it a try. Since late April, I have earned $50 in gift cards. Good luck and happy clicking!

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