Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thrify Thursday.....

This is a new feature I will be running weekly. I hope you will join me and add your link. Show us what Thrifty thing you have done recently.

Last Friday, I did some THRIFTY school shopping with my DD. We stopped at Goodwill. She told me before we walked in that she was not getting anything there. I have been a long time thrift shop fan. How could she be my daughter.

Luckily, I did not give up on her before giving it a try. I had her in the store for 25 minutes showing her all the brand name things they had. Brand names she loves and in her size! STILL, she would not budge.

UNTIL... she found a coat she liked! I convinced her to try it on. Next came a pair of jeans... cut just right! Next thing you know, she is bringing things to me asking if she can get them. She even found an Under Armor shirt for $3.50 that would have cost $40 at a full priced retail store.

We ended up with 1 coat, 1 pair of jeans, 1 skirt, 1 pair of shorts, 7 shirts and a fleece pull over - all for $36.00! The Under Armor shirt alone would have cost more than that!

What have you done THRIFTY this week?


Susie said...

Total score!

Rawben said...

We'll this week it was my big savings at Target - I've been in three different Target's in three different towns on three different days for various reasons. Today it was our town:

6 individual cups of Cheerios
4 packages of Skittles
2 Dove women's deodorants
1 box Kellogg's Cinnabon bars
1 box Kellog's Special K bars
2 pkg's of Nexcare bandaids (trial)
1 bottle of International Delight Pumpkins flavor creamer
1 trial of All detergent
Total $ 3.35 (after coupons!)

If you count the three beautiful brass & ceramic bird feeders (on clearance for $4.74 each) my Grand total was $19.66 I'm thinking of keeping one for my self and the other two for xmas gifts or white elephante gifts.

My other Target ventures were:

2 Dove deodorants .29 cents each
2 boxes of Velveta Mac and Cheese .50 cents (for both)
6 boxes of individual cheerios (FREE)
4 pkgs of bandaids (Free)

Last but not least RiteAid - since I don't have a RiteAid in my town and I was in another town, I took advantage of their specials:

2 11ox Nestle's Raisnets
2 BicMate Pencils (5 pk)
2 Bottles of the new NutraShield Sunscreen (BOGO)

Original total $30.48, spent $7.69 with coupons (had two $5 coupons for the sunscreen), plus have a mail in rebate for $2 off the BicMates, so my actual cost spent will be $5.69 YEA!

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