Friday, December 08, 2006

Only 17 days left!!!!

Zicam Cold Remedy Medicated Swabs, Gel, 20 swabs (Pack of 2) - DH has a cold. He took this stuff and it is almost gone now!!! Works great!!!!!
Elmo T.M.X. - English Speaking Version - in stock now!!!
Sweet Tracks - 14 free holiday song downloads!!!
Barbie Roller Skates (Size J13) <---- these and these -----> Dora the Explorer Jr. Skate Combo in Vinyl Bag (Size 6 - 12) are only $4.99!!! But bigger kids want these... Heelys Kids' Slide Pre/Grade School (Charc/Black/Red/Gray 3.0 M).
card1 - a little holiday fun for free!!!
Hi, Santa! brought to you by Lands' End - santa's blog!!!
Let's Say Thanks - send a card to the troops!
100% Cashmere Scarf - great for someone on your list that likes cashmere!
Cashmere Pashmina Shawls- the ultimate womens accessory- luxurious, soft and warm-80X28 in.- 70% Cashmere Pashmina with 30% Silk approximately- in 56 vibrant colors - BUT this one is for someone who LOVES cashmere!!!!! I really like this wrap!!!!
Tel Santa - FREE Call to Santa is Recorded and E-Mailed Instantly - sign up to call santa for free!!!
Recipe Cards, Shopping Lists, Gift Tags and To Do Lists to Print Out Free - this site has some really nice FREE printables. Recipe cards, gift tags, wish lists and more!!!!!!
Pathmark Stores - 4 free samples on the bottom of this page. I like the swifter duster freebie the best!!!!

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