Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Sunday Pop In....

I have a few minutes and thought I would pop in and post a few things I found this weekend. I made it to Target and took the kraft mac and cheese coupons with me. I got 4 boxes for 12 cents each. I also used the $1.00 off any Market Pantry Mexican item. I used it to get a jar of salsa for .49 cents. I have read on other sites that the coupons work for any Market Pantry item and not justr the mexican ine but I was not brave enough to try it the first time. Next time I will. Target is so good about coupons!!! Here is the link again to the Target coupons..... Target Printable Coupons Generator This is a great way to add to your pantry or a big help if you are just starting one!!
Merry Christmas - a cute Christmas ditty.
Planning & organizing Christmas holidays - - OrganizedChristmas.Com - this is a great site. I made Reindeer food for a bunch of kids and printed cute labels for them here. They ahve lots of inexpensive ideas too!!!

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