Thursday, January 25, 2007


Well, I am home with a sick kid today but I ran out to buy a new Webkinz for DD and I because we are addicted and I got a speeding ticket. I am half tempted to call the officer and argue my case since the limit changes 20 feet from where he got me. BUT.. I will just pay it and learn my lesson UGH! Here is what I found today.....
If this announcement was in your Sunday paper, you get a coupon for a free bag or box of Malt-o-Meal cereal up to $4. Go to to take a survey. Good from select areas of Arizona, California, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington and Wisconsin. To enter by mail, send your name, address and phone number to Malt-O-Meal Free Cereal Offer, P.O. Box 3104, Minneapolis, MN 55403 to have a coupon mailed to you. One coupon per household. Cheap recipes, easy recipes, chicken recipes - sent to me from my friend Stacy. - Gillette Fusion - great freebie! My DH loves this razor but the replacement blades are expensive so free ones are just what I need!!
Welcome to Malt-O-Meal - printable coupons. This cereal is a penny pinchers dream!!! - free pill case
Contact Us - free box of instant mashed potatoes. This works.. I have done it before. In the comment area ask for a coupon for a free box.

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