Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tuesday happenings.....

Well, I finished my first knitted scarf. there were a few mistakes but DD loves it and wore it to school today. I may start another one tonight to give my MIL for her birthday along with some home made jewelry that DD is making for her.
I went grocery shopping this morning. There is one thing that I do that helps me save time and money that I wanted to share here. I buy a huge pack of hamburger (the bigger packs are cheaper) and I brown the whole thing right away. I rinse the fat off, put it in freezer bags in meal sizes, let cool on a cooling rack and freeze. I get at least one extra meal out of the pack when I do this. It really saves time for me too. It is so nice to grab an already cooked bag and throw a quick meal together on nights that are busy for us.
Another thing I do is make snack foods instead of buying the little convient prepackaged bags. The little muffins that cost a fortune and only have a few in the box are the perfect example. for less than a dollar you can buy a package and make them in 5 minutes. You have spent much less and get many more muffins! Store them in cheap baggies so the kids can grab a bag and go.
Walmart.com - Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Smart Pop - free popcorn!! what a great freebie!!
KIISFM 102 Thousand Dollar Wedding - free shampoo and conditioner
Sensodyne Sensitivity Taste Test - free toothpaste
Schick The Livin' Lodge Xperiment - free razor

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