Thursday, May 31, 2007


There should be 3 large coupon booklets in this Sunday's paper. Good time to get the paper!! I stopped at the outgrown shop this morning, on my way home from the gym. I made $58 selling a few of my kids outgrown clothing and toys. I also got a $10 check in the mail for filling out surveys at Any extra money helps!!

Thrive Fellowship :: The Church that Meets in the Theatre - free copy of The Purpose Driven Life
DARIGOLD - Choose Local, Choose Fresh - free milk and yogurt - limited states.
Planet Heroes - free movie from fisherprice
June 5th, 2007, Taco Bell will be doing their part in giving back to the community by collecting donations for the American Red Cross.One free crunchy taco will be awarded to every customer, we encourage everyone to participate in this event. Donations are encouraged but not required. All donations will benefit the American Red Cross.

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