Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Goodies...

Dove Hair Care - Free Sample - free sample

GET YOUR FREE SAMPLE - free sample $10 off $25 at Yankee Candle - $10 off $25 at Macy's - free soda at blockbuster

Back Alley Coffee - Coffee Club Organic and Non Organic Coffee Online - free change purse

Frugal Summer Fun suggestions.....

Pump Squirt Gun - we found something very similar to this at the dollar store. A big bucket of water and a few of these and you have hours of fun!!

WOODEN BUG HOUSE - great for catching lightning bugs

Easy Bake Oven & Snack Center by Hasbro Includes 3 Mixes we have had several nights of fun cooking with this. We no longer buy the ready made mixes. We get recipes here... Kids Easy Bake Oven Recipes Easy Everyday Recipes using Everyday Ingredients

Juggling Combo Pack - my DD would love to learn to Juggle this summer! This looks like a great kit for that!!

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