Monday, July 20, 2009

Menu Monday...

Monday - Popcorn Chicken, mac and cheese, fruit, carrots w/ranch dip (need an easy dinner cause I have a very heavy work load today)

Tuesday - Home made Pot Pie at my MIL's house

Wednesday - Beef Stroganoff (from here), garden green beans, home jarred red beats (for DH only!) and apple slices

Thursday - Country Sausage, Lipton Noodles Side Dish (alfredo), broccoli

Friday - order out and a Netflix movie


Susie said...

No Blogher for you? Me neither. Have a great week:-)

Frugal Finds said...

NO, I can not selfishly spend the money on just myself for a vacation. I wish I could. I also would not know what to do with my kids while my husband works. So here we are at home while others have a great time at Blogher. Maybe another year.

Becca said...

Your Monday menu sounds so yummy!

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