Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Frugal and Healthy Semi-Homemade Pizza

In our quest to eat healthier, we are looking for new ways to get family friendly healthy into our life. Who wants to live on salad? Not us! Pizza is a kid favorite in our house. This is my attempt to make a healthy version. I am no gourmet cook so this is my attempt. Here is what I bought......
1 pack of whole wheat pizza crust (2 crusts) - $3.98
1 can of sauce (2 are pictured but I only used 1 - $.98
canned mushrooms - $.25 at scratch and dent store
low fat cheese - on sale $1.50
slice of turkey bacon (not pictured) - $.25
onions - free from garden
green peppers - free from garden (frozen)
pureed carrots mixture to add to sauce - free from garden produce
Total = $6.96 for 2 pizzas

This was the kids plain cheese pizza. No complaints about the whole wheat crust. They did not even really notice that it was different.

This is the adult pizza. Half with just turkey bacon and the other half with turkey bacon, onions, mushrooms and green peppers. This was also enough to serve 1 person for a 2nd night.

It passed the test! We all liked it pretty well. Was it as good as pizza shop pizza? NO! BUT... it was still enjoyable and much healthier! I think we will do this again. I had enough to serve this a 2nd night by just adding a few healthy side like side salads and fresh fruit to round out the meal. It certainly was frugal!

We Are THAT Family - my pizza is also posted here!


Debbie said...

Hey now. That's homemade! No semi there:)

Mrs. Money said...

That looks great! I want some now. :)

Cate said...

Yum! That looks delicious. I need to start experimenting with whole wheat in my pizza crusts.

This meal would be even cheaper if you made your own pizza dough--it's actually really easy!

Susie said...


Frugal Finds said...

Yes, this could be cheaper if I made my own crust but I am not a make my own crust kind of girl. I would really like to try it one day though!

Lisa said...

Here's another suggestion to cut your cost a little more. I buy pizza seasoning from Penzey's Spices. It's a dry seasoning you mix with plain tomato sauce. That way I don't have to keep the pantry stocked with prepared pizza sauce (and one less item to watch for a sale on)!

Frugal Finds said...

It took me many years to find a pizza sauce I love. I finally found it and it only costs 98 cents! I can get many mini pizzas out of that can or 2 large pizzas. I appreciate the sugegstion Lisa but I will be sticking with this yummy sauce!

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