Friday, April 16, 2010

My Shopping Deals....

I loaded up my coupons Thursday morning and headed out to do some free shopping. My first stop, CVS. Here are the coupon I had here.....

(4) $1 off any Johnson and Johnson product (from DH writing to the company)
$1 off any CVS paper product (from scanning my CVS card inside the front door)
$1 off Herbal Essence from Sunday coupon section
(2) $2 off any Renu - from here coupons renu® multi-purpose solution Bausch + Lomb

The knee high stockings were 22 cents - on clearance. I use them as a filter at my washer. I was thrilled to find them so cheap! The toilet paper was on sale 2 for $1 - free after the coupon that printed at CVS! The Dove shampoo was $4.49 but with your CVS card, you get an ECB for $4.49.

The total was $20.59. After the cashier rang up my coupons and I used an Extra Care Buck worth $8.99, I had a negative balance. That is why I ended up grabbing the candy quickly (which made my kids happy). I think the cashier actually rang one of the $1 coupons twice - yeah me! The total I paid for all this..... 64 cents! PLUS... I have an ECB for $4.49 to use next time!

Next stop... Target. I had to stop here to pick up a few items but I had heard about a deodorant deal that I decided to try. I printed these coupons on Wednesday.....

Print Your Coupon - $3.00 off Suave Deodorant

Print Your Coupon - $3.00 off Degree Deodorant

The Suave was $2.94 for the twin pack and the Degree was $3.59 for the twin pack. I paid 53 cents for both!

Last stop was Walmart.

I only stopped here because I had some coupons to use. I had a free coupon for Rimmel Cosmetics that was only good at Walmart. That came from All You Magazine. I had $3.00 off any Tucks product I printed here... Tucks

My total was $9.45 before coupons and I paid ZERO after the coupons came off!

I plan on having a yard sale in a few weeks. Many of the extra health and beauty items will be sold there... like the Tucks!

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