Monday, February 19, 2007

Target and more.......

I went to Target this weekend with my Dh to do a coupon run. Here is what I got..... glade oil refill free after coupon, 10 choxie candy bars free after target coupons, glade room spray B1G1F after coupon, degree deoderant $1.19 after $1.00 coupon, secret deoderant $.97 after $1.00 coupon, valentine socks $.74 with 75% clearance (for my christmas gift stash), 5 boxes of swiss miss hot chocolate $.47 each after target coupons, travel size edge shave gel free after $1.00 coupon, 2 bags of tortilla chips $.99 each after $1.00 target coupon and 2 valentine scrapbooking kits at $2.49 each with the 75% clearance. We got all this for $14.69. Not bad!! THEN on Sunday, we went to Sam's club since we were in the area and the kids love the samples. We got a few items but my best buy there was a case of 36 ramen noodles for $3.68. that is just about $.10 each. DD loves these with out the seasoning packs!! My pantry really got some added items this weekend! - free coffee mate. expires 2/28/07.. go now!! sent by my friend Fran in PA.
Downy - Request a Sample - love these! These packets are great for when you need to wash something at the laundramat or to take on vacation.
Fizzenergy Order Page - free sample
Free This Month - free sample
Glucose Control - - free sample
Mommy Loot - Where The Real Deals Are - free loot bag!!! I am wondering what kind of loot!! LOL!
Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton - I love this website!!! has all kinds of celebrity scoop!!!! much cheaper than People magazine!!

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The Grinchieone said...

WOW great Target day! Next time I need to go too! LOL! I hit Walmart and Kmart clearances this weekend. Sunday Kmart had an extra 20% off their clearance prices so most things I got we 70% off.

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