Friday, October 12, 2007

Fall has arrived.....

I usually have a no heat until November 1st rule in my house. I have had years where I had to break it and years where I made it beyond that. Some things I do to help me make it are....
1. burn a fire in the fire place
2. load the beds with flannel sheets and lots of blankets
3. Wear layers of clothing to keep your body warm.
4. cook home made meals. It helps to heat up the house.
5. When sitting down to watch tv, cover yourself with a blanket. We keep a basket of light blankets in the living room. Everyone can have their own or sometimes it is nice to cuddle with a kid and read a book!
6. I make sure all my windows are locked to prevent an unwanted draft. I also use draft stoppers at the slidding glass door and door to the garage in my family room. This room is always the coldest room in my house so, anything I can do to help, I do!
Today I have my flannel sheets on the line to dry for a nice warm night in bed tonight.
Next week I would like to make these... Homemade Fire Starter Tutorial Video. With heating costs so high, we need to evverything we can to stay warm this winter!!
Here are a few sites with more tips!.......
Cut your Winter Heating bills
Lower Your Home Heating Energy Bills This Winter

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