Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday.... - free frozen meal offer - I made these this weekend. Sure, I could have bought a bag of Fatwood at Home Depot this weekend for a few bucks but everything I used to make my own firestarters was recycled items and therefore free!! I made 1 basket full for now. I need to save more used tarts for wax and dryer lint and egg cartons before I can make more. I also stuff my egg cartons with shredded paper. I feel this helps it burn longer and therefore it makes a better fire starter. - fun halloween site
October 30th, from 2 - 5 PM at ALL Taco Bells in America....they will be giving away tacos. This is because of a play in the World Series. Taco Bell promised a free taco to every person in America if a base was stolen during the world series. WEll, that play happend tonight and they announced this FREEBIE. It's FOR REAL....they even interviewed the CEO for Taco Bell. They expect to give away Millions of Tacos. SO..........go and get yours.

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