Friday, October 26, 2007

Halloween info....

Reuse Your Jack-O'Lantern--Leftover Pumpkin Ideas - One of my favorite frugal friends over the years used to gather all her friends pumpkins after halloween and puree and freeze the pumpkin and use it all year long in recipes. Here is a great article along the same line.
Frugal Homemade Halloween Make Up Recipes - make your own halloween make from these recipes!
10 Things to Do with All that Halloween Candy - this is an issue in our house every year. One of my favorite ideas is to save some to make gourmet pretzel rods for the holiday season. Use the left over halloween candy to decorate a pretzel rod that was dipped in chocolate!!
Leftover Halloween Candy Recipes like Apple Candy Bar Salad Recipe, Baby Ruth Cookies Recipe, Better Than Sex Cake Recipe, Br.. here are a few recipes for left over candy. You can always add a few candy bars to some homemade ice cream!!
These Martha Stewart Holiday DVD's look great! The Martha Stewart Holiday Collection - Martha's Halloween Ideas and then for Christmas.... Martha's Favorite Cookies / Homemade Holidays
Halloween Hangman - a fun game to play!

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