Monday, August 25, 2008


School starts tomorrow for us!! I do not want to sound too excited but YIPPEE!!!! The kids are just as excited as I am! Part of me will really miss them but part of me is looking forward to having some time to myself!!
The big reason I am happy kids go back to school this week... I talk to 200 people a day, reminding them of a Dr. appointment. 1/3 of those call is talking to the kids in the house. Young kids like to refuse to get an adult because they want to talk on the phone too. I have learned that very few children under the age of 5 can say pediatrics correctly. Then there are the teens. No matter what I say to them, every teenager says "what?". When I repeat it, they start talking over me or hand the phone over to a parent who only heard half of what I said so now I get to say the whole thing over for the 3rd time!
Why not ask for the parent in the first place? I do if I think I have a child but so many kids say they are not home even when I can hear the parent in the backround. I have also asked at least 10 parents a day if their mom or dad are home.
I found this post from Chris..... The fossils are probably the bones of people who died waiting to be seen who tells what it is like to be on the recieving end of one of these calls.

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Pheobie said...

I love your blog and read it everyday. Your deals are helpful and the Jon and Kate +8 links are great! I nominated you for a blog award.

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