Thursday, August 28, 2008


Something got over the fence around our garden and destroyed our indian corn crop. We used this corn and stalks for fall decorations. We will be able to salvage some of it but the biggest loss are the beans that were growing up the corn stalks. They were beans that we dry and store for beans soups. We are pretty sure it was raccoons. UGH!

Then, I went to take a shower last night while my DS was playing in the tub. After my shower, I yelled down the hall "are you ok?". He yelled back "Yes, I am just shaveing!" I thought nothing of it since he has one of these... Li'l Shaver's Shaving Kit: Featuring the Mock 5 and loves to play with it. I proceeded to get dresssed and work my way down the hall to the other bathroom where I found him with real shaving cream on his face and pieces of his hair (that used to be attatched to his head!) on his face. I say "what did you do?" He explained to me, his razor did not work so he grabbed this... Gillette Venus Embrace Razor and shaved for real! Yes, I know, my razor should have been out of reach but, it really was hidden and was never a problem before in his 7 years of life. Now I have to hide that razor in a better spot and hope I remember where it is when I want to shave again! DH also had to fix DS's sideburns since he did a pretty good job on them with the real razor! Political Action: Free Obama/Biden stickers! - free Obama pin. Even if you do not like him, this is a great collector's item. A little piece of history! - Tampax Pearl with LeakGuard - free sample
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Debbie said...

You have my complete sympathy with the raccoons. We have them all the time and can't seem to get rid of them. Right now I have a large hole in my screen porch where they ripped it open. If you find any good solutions, pass them on!

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