Monday, February 09, 2009


Big news!!!
We found 3 cents on the ground this weekend!!
Boy I am getting rich now!
I can just hear "nasty letter lady" talking about how money has changed me after she hears we are now up to 31 cents in the found money jar!

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Mama O said...

Hi Carol,
I just had to comment (I just found your blog) and I love it.
I love your big news too.
I actually think you've got a great idea there, and I'm going to use it, I have young kids at home and if I show them money adds up maybe they wont be those people (like my dad) who throw there money on the ground.

Frugal Finds said...

Mama O..... I have my husband and DD looking for money on the ground now too. It has been a fun family game. We laugh about the amount we have now but in December we are hoping to use it for something. Maybe we can find enough to buy our Christmas tree! Wouldn't that be nice!
I love people like your Dad. Tell him to keep throwing money on the ground so people like you and I can find it!!
Frugal Carol

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