Monday, February 16, 2009


DD found a nickle at school on Friday. Found money jar is up to 46 cents!

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Free Kashi Bars and More at Target Common Sense With Money - let Mercedes tell you how to get free Granola bars!

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grammpaula said...

LOL I think of you every time I find a penny laying around the house. I pick it up and put it in my money bag. I love your idea of money found. I will be interesting to see how much found money you have at the end of the year.

Frugal Finds said...

LOL.. Paula! My Dh thinks he is probably going to get hit by a car now that he watches the ground for money when walking in parking lots instead of watching where he is going!
We have decided not to conut any money we find in the house... only money that was never our to begin with. I am hoping spring brings about more found money! It has been a slow start!!

grammpaula said...

My found pennies are probably my husbands pennies that he drops. I'm going to be looking for money when I'm out walking too. Eventually my pennies will grow into dollars.

a corgi said...

thanks for the info on the Yoplait Plus coupon! that was a great one to get!!

congrats on more found money


FromThe Creek said...

Thanks for the skinny cow coupon link and congrats on the found money!


Mars said...

LOL - I was working at a High School recently (subbing) for a week. During that time, I picked up (kept track) $1.59 in loose change. That's a whole lot of money to throw away - at least at my house!

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