Thursday, May 07, 2009

Free access to Refund Cents.......

Refund Cents - free access to the Refund Cents website with this sign in info....
Username: clipping

password: coupons
May 7th and 8th only!!

Here is what I got FREE at KFC yesterday with the printable Oprah coupon! I had no problem using the coupon. In fact, they were very friendly about it. DH was on the road all day yesterday so late last night he ate this for dinner and said it was great! This is normally only $3.99. A great meal at a great price!

Kmart $5 off $50 at Kmart with this printable coupon

alouette cheese - free after rebate with this printable form

Skoal® Smokeless Tobacco - Welcome Free Skoal Mud Jug Spittoon

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Claudia's Irish Eyes said...

I'd love to know what he thought of the new chicken.

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