Friday, May 15, 2009

Homemade Foaming Soap.....

I can across this post at Frugal Girls and loved it so much that I asked Heidi if she would mind sharing it with my readers. She graciously agreed and so here you go! What a great frugal idea she has! Be sure to check out her other posts at Frugal Girls!

Guest Post from Frugal Girls!

As you know I love to save $$, and my favorite frugal tips are the simple ones! Following is how I keep the costs down on hand soap...My favorite soap for the bathrooms and kitchen are the Bath & Body Works antibacterial foaming soaps. The big fluffy suds that come out are so fun the kids even enjoy washing their hands!So one day I got creative, and attempted to make my own refill for my existing bottle.Guess what... it worked! I've been doing this for about 5 years now, and have saved loads of money with this simple trick.

What You'll Need: Liquid Antibacterial Soap (Softsoap, Dial, etc.) & 1 empty bottle of Bath & Body Works Antibacterial Gentle Foaming Hand Soap (the other styles of bottles will not work).

Step #1: Fill up the bottle with about 1 inch of antibacterial liquid soap. {I buy the large bottles from Costco}

Step #2: Slowly fill the rest of the bottle with tap water, put lid back on, and gently tip upside down and back and forth to mix the soap and water together. Don't shake ~ it will get too sudsy.

And there you have it! I love that it is a diluted version of antibacterial soap, and is much gentler on my family's sensitive skin. I also love that one big bottle of antibacterial soap literally lasts us years... and years... and years!How's that for frugal?!? is a positive and fun site dedicated to helping you save $$ and stretch your dollars by finding the best bargains, hottest coupons, thrifty meals and outrageous deals! Oh, and we’ve got some pretty great giveaways too!


Sonia said...

I have never gotten this to work, why only BBW bottle?

Robyn said...

I do this all the time--the Dawn foaming bottle works great with dish soap (I usually get a new bottle once a year or so) and the cheaper handsoap bottles work for a while, just don't put very much soap in. I hate spending money on soap, so this is perfect.

Anonymous said...

I have a few of those bottles. I will have to try this. Thanks

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