Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Kraft Deals.....

After writing this about the Kraft printable coupons, I also printed more Kraft coupons at
Kraft Foods.com. Then this morning I learned that Coupons.com reset their site and I would be able to print a few coupons again. YIPEE!!

So, with a stack of coupons in my hand, I ran to Target as soon as the school bus left here this morning.

Including the milk, my total before coupons was $26.33. After $18.96 in coupons, my out of pocket total was $7.37. I was very pleased! My pantry is growing by the day!

What did you get with the Kraft coupons?

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Dr. Mom said...

I like your new background!

Mercedes said...

what a great haul. All I have bought so far was two bottles of bbq sauce.


Kasey Hunt said...

way to go!!

Michelle said...

great job! my coupon printer for some reason isn't working. when I print coupons - like from coupon.com - there is a coupon printer that needs to be installed/downloaded, it worked fine for months now all of a sudden it isn't installed anymore and it won't reinstall. I'm disappointed! any suggestions?

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