Monday, March 15, 2010

Disney's Princess and the Frog Deal....

The Princess and the Frog is being released tomorrow! (Tuesday, March 16, 2010). We were in Disney when they were promoting the release of the movie. My DD and I were asked to be part of the Princess and the Frog steamboat show. That was so much fun!! Of course we forgot to take a camera with us but my DH got pictures from where he stood in the crowd. Enjoy the pictures!

I am 5'4". That man next to me had to be 7 feet tall! His elbow was at my shoulder!

Thinking of buying the movie? Here are a few ways to save.....

Get a $10 off coupon here.. Disney Magical Savings – Coupons and Savings on Disney DVDs

Get a $5 rebate here -

Get another $5 rebate here - BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages

You should be able to do both rebates since there are 2 UPC codes on each DVD. Just purchase the band aids and movie separate so that you have 2 receipts. A photo copy of the movie receipt is acceptable.

It has been reported that Target is offering a Blu-ray DVD/combo pack that includes an exclusive Princess Tiana purse. All for $26.99. After the coupon and rebates from above, the movie and the purse will be $6.99 total! That would make a great Easter gift for only $6.99!

Make the deal better by printing coupons for the band-aids at Target too... Target Coupons

Too much hassle to do all that? Then just order it here

OR... to be even more frugal, you could just wait and borrow it from the library or rent it from Netflix or Redbox.

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City Mouse said...

ooooh. i want to see that with my three year old!
hey i'm giving away a free lipstick over at my blog tomorrow and so far only three people have entered the contest. hmph. send people my way!

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