Thursday, March 04, 2010

Thursday Deals and Steals...

Print Your Coupon - print 75 cents cereal. Hit the back button to print it 2 times!

Ben & Jerry Free Cone Day will be Mar 23 noon - 8 pm at participating shops.

Free Italian ice at Rita's on March 20th to celebrate the first day of spring! - free sample of this no calorie sweetener

Pureology Giveaways - free samples

Kids Workshops at The Home Depot - make a free rain gauge at the Home Depot kids workshop this Saturday - for kids 5 to 12


JoAnn said...

Do you know if you must pre register for the HD workshop like you do at Lowe's? this looks great! Love the site!

Frugal Finds said...

Joann, I have never done the Home Depot workshop so I am not sure about the pre-register. I could not find anything on the website about pre-registering so I guess I would call your local store to ask.
Hope this help!
Frugal Carol

JoAnn said...

Just wanted to update....called Home Depot and the Customer Service lady was clueless, so I didn't have high hopes. Got there at 10:00 and there were a ton of kids, the lady in charge was wonderful, knew a lot of kids by name. We did our projects, got pins and a certificate, no aprons, though she said she was all out but they will be there next time. It was a great time and the kids were very proud of themselves. Thanks for mentioning this!!!

Frugal Finds said...

Joann, If you take a picture of the project with your kids, I will post it here! You can email it to me at
Thanks for the update!!

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