Wednesday, June 13, 2007

All My Free Stuff......

I got a ton of free stuff over the last week and a half. Here are some pictures of what I got.

This Raid yellow jacket trap is from I am part of a word of mouth study for this product. I got stung by a yellow jacket last year near our pool and it hurt bad! My arm got huge! I was very excited to try this product from a company I have depended on for many years. It looks nice hanging up and I think it is working already! I highly recommend this product! Bzz agent is also giving my friends a chance to win $300 in gift cards. Go to and use conversation ID: 322079. They will ask you a few questions that take about 5 minutes and you will be entered to win! That simple.
These are the free soda coupons I got at . We are not drinking soda right now because we are dieting but I will save these for the beach!
Thes are all the other samples I got in the mail. The free underwear are a very funny story. I picked my size not my underwear size. WELL... the underwear could fit an elephant! I will probably save them for the box I donate to a pantry at Christmas time. The other things are dog food, Dove deoderant, a great little manicure kit from , pledge wipes, clorox wipes, Cheer detergent, Fiber sure, 2 golf balls, Nivea for Men sample, Life saver gummies and Life saver fruit tarts and Dove Energy Glow body cream.

These Silly Scented colored pencils by Crayola were bought at Toys R Us with a $3.00 off coupon sent to us from their birthday club. They cost us 29 cents plus tax. They will be saved as a stocking stuffer for Christmas.

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