Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Garden......

Here are pictures of my garden.........Look at all the little green grape tomatoes. I think there is a hundred hanging on this plant. This plant is actually in a pot on my deck.

Here are some gree tomatoes hanging in the garden. I am anxious for these to turn red. Nothing tastes better than a home grown ripe tomato!!

This tomato plant is at least 4 feet tall. I think the mushroom soil we brought in made everything so big this year. We did not even use miracle grow this year! You can see some corn behind this plant. We have about 16 tomato plants this year.

Here are the red beets. You can see a big beet sticking up on the middle plant. These beets are almost ready to be pulled.

Here is a nice sized green pepper already. We have about 20 pepper plants this year of several different varieties.

This is the world's largest cabbage plant. I am anxious to make cabbage rolls and cole slaw with this cabbage.

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