Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Netwinner update......

It took me exactly 7 weeks and 4,591 clicks to do but I finally qualified for a $25 gift card from Netwinner. I had 10 referrals with 3 of them clicking more than 100 times to help me with points. I did most of my clicking while working from home so it did not take away from anything else. Was it worth it? I think so. $25 extra for very little effort. I chose the Target gift card and will combine it with coupon to make the deal even better. If you want to try.... here is the link...... http://jackpot.netwinner.com/?signupCode=BRSPRI . Good luck and happy clicking!

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crawfordsnana said...

Good for you that you received your "prize" from Netwinner because as of today, no more point redemptions for anything other than drawings. Also, any redemptions still processing from 11/05/2007 to this point have been reversed. You will not be receiving any gift cards you have pending. Stay away from this new and improved Netwinner - total waste of time.

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