Thursday, June 21, 2007


My son is getting tubes in his ears today so please think good thoughts for us!
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oliveoyl64 said...

The ear tubes will be fabulous. Sending good juju your way.

I never realized how bad ds's ears were until he didn't have infections any longer. How many dr's visits,prescriptions and missed work due to a "fever".

Frugal Finds said...

Thanks for the good juju!!! Everything went very well! We see an improvement in his hearing already!! I am a little nervous about him keeping ear plugs in but I guess we will do ok. Thanks again for the juju!!!

oliveoyl64 said...

Surgery is surgery, and even though tubes are "routine", it is still worrisome. Glad everything is okay.

Are you using plugs just for bathing, or swimming as well? DS used the moldable ones, but they still came out when swimming.

There are some you can get prescribed that an ENT can custom mold to their ear like, hearing aids. Not sure if insurance covers them, but in hindsight I wish I had given them more thought.

DS got his tubes when he was 2, they were supposed to come out in 18 mo. to 2 yrs. We never had issues until he was around 4 and found out he had a huge gunk of wax and the ENT had to take it out and the tube came with it. The other tube did NOT come out until he was around 7. It was laying on his pillow.

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