Wednesday, June 27, 2007


The Universal Packing List - need help packing for a vacation? Click here!
These are some things I consider to be very important on my packing list this year......
The Broker... the book I would like to read
Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great - the book my DD will be reading. I may have to force her to do it but she will be reading it!!!
Look & Find the Amazing Spider Man - a great book to keep DS busy for 15 minutes in the car.
PARENT ASIN Apple iPod Shuffle (2nd Generation) - for when I walk or when I want to tune out my children!!
Disney Mix Max "White Tinkerbell" MP3/Video Player - for when DD wants to tune out her parents!
Coppertone Dry Oil Tanning Spray, SPF 8, 6-Ounce Spray Bottles (Pack of 3) - this is to help me get that golden tan!!
Hoop Dee Doo - this may keep DS busy for an entire hour in the car!!
Coby TF-DVD7107 7" TFT Portable DVD Player - this is great for the car ride or for a rainy day at the beach!!!
And now for today's samples.....
LIPTON Tea - Join LIPTON's Tea and Health Club - free tea
Sampletize: Free product samples - dry erase markers

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Fizzy Wizzies Free Sample - for the bath tub
SUPERPRETZEL - Offers - coupons for my favorite snack!!! It just is not diet friendly!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

My Awesome Freebies......

Here are all the freebies I recieved in the last week. I had a great week!!!

I do not have a cat but this free cat food will go to a friend that has one. The popcorn and Slim Jim will get packed for our beach vacation.

It is hard to tell but this picture is actually 12 free Barilla pasta coupon, 12 free Barilla sauce coupons and a $5.00 off Glucerna cereal coupon. I think we will have free spaghetti for a while!! The pasta ans sauce coupons came from a 1/2 hour survey I posted a few weeks ago. It was lengthy but well worth it in my mind!!
These samples did not come in the mail. I got the Axe shower gel samples at the gym and the Cutter bug wipes at the pediatrician's office. Keep your eye's out for samples where ever you go!!
TV guide came from I got 3 issues in the mail today plus a 10 week subscription. Yeah TV guide! Not something I would normally pay for but I love it when it is free!!
These Ziploc Zip'nSteam bags are also from Bzzagent! They really do send awsome things for you to talk to your friends about!!!! I love getting th enew products to try for free!!


Netwinner Alert!!! Today they have a multiplier on every spin. Great day to play netwinner!!! Here is the link if you still need to sign up... Make sure you go to your account and click on verify account. You will then get an email with instructions to follow. I am already half way to another $25 gift card!!!
Coke Rewards points for all: 3 pts: 10008 20218 21624 5 pts: 10008 21577 63657 10 pts: 10008 22118 32616
Print out a coupon for a free appetizer ($8) at TGIFriday with $15 minimum food purchase. Expires 7/8/07.
Rumor: At Walgreens, buy 6 of the .99 small boxes of Nature Valley Granola Bars and get 2 catalinas for free milk. I do not have a Walgreen's here but I know some of you do. Let me know if it worked for you!!!
LimeAway Satisfaction Guarantee is no-form-needed. Call 1-800-624-6034. Provide name, address, and UPC number from package on 3x5 card, and send with DCRTC 6/17 - 12/30/07 showing LimeAway purchase. Send to:LimeAway Guarantee, Box 1165, Grand Rapids, MN 55745-1165. Postmark by Jan 7, 2008.
You can print out the Glucerna cereal TMF form here
Aquafresh - free sample Your Early Learner Teddy Grahams Picnic - free book

Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Garden......

Here are pictures of my garden.........Look at all the little green grape tomatoes. I think there is a hundred hanging on this plant. This plant is actually in a pot on my deck.

Here are some gree tomatoes hanging in the garden. I am anxious for these to turn red. Nothing tastes better than a home grown ripe tomato!!

This tomato plant is at least 4 feet tall. I think the mushroom soil we brought in made everything so big this year. We did not even use miracle grow this year! You can see some corn behind this plant. We have about 16 tomato plants this year.

Here are the red beets. You can see a big beet sticking up on the middle plant. These beets are almost ready to be pulled.

Here is a nice sized green pepper already. We have about 20 pepper plants this year of several different varieties.

This is the world's largest cabbage plant. I am anxious to make cabbage rolls and cole slaw with this cabbage.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Well, the tubes went great!! After everything we have been through with DS, this was a piece of cake. We were out of the hospital with in 2 1/2 hours. DH commented on the way out that we have had some Dr appointments that lasted longer! Now I just have to keep him out of water for 3 days. Thanks for all the good thoughts.
Provide us your feedback - mrs smith's pie panel!
Bebbos: Free Sample - free bra liner
Roxy Get Outside Tour - free razor
I am going to take some pictures of out garden today. We brought mushroom soil in this spring and you just would not believe how big everything is. Everyplant is at least double in size! Let's hope the veggies taste good too! The radishes we picked a few weeks ago were the best we ever had, so I ahve to think other veggies will be good too. I will try to post the pictures tomorrow morning.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


My son is getting tubes in his ears today so please think good thoughts for us!
You can either print or request coupons be sent to you on Ensure, including one for a free Ensure 8 oz shake, click here.
Look for TMF up to $3.99 on Aquafresh toothpaste, a new formula. The form can be found on free standing cardboard displays.
Print out the form for $10 Home Depot Gift card for $10 purchase of ConAgra food by 6/28/07 at Publix. Only good in AL, FL, GA, TN & SC.
On July 13, Cow Appreciation Day, Chick Fil A will give away free food to anyone dressed as a cow. All "fully dressed cows" will receive a free combo meal of their choice. "Partially dressed cows" will receive a free entree of their choice. I wonder if anyone actually does this!!
Print out the form for a free Great Grillin' Set for proofs from 3 packages of Gold'nPlump Marinades or Everyday Easy Chicken Patties (8/20/07) Estimated value of set is $35!


DR. DAN'S — Order Samples - lip balm samples
Kiwi Magazine - Free Sample of HEAD Products - free sample

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


CVS/pharmacy ExtraCare - cvs coupon
Pringles: Pleasure. Every Single Pringle. - movie ticket deal
Senseo - Gormet Coffee - everytime, anytime - free coffee sample
Monkey Brains - Delicious Monkey Brains for Breakfast! - free goodie bag

Tuesday..... - Dove Ultimate Clear - another Dove sample
Subscribe to Taste of Home's Simple & Delicious - free issue!!
Nabisco Granola Bars - from Sam's club. Must have membership #. If you don't have a membership #, this is the number on the form they show and it submitted for me just fine 1029991124545776. - Move Free Advanced - free sample

check out the great sale at Amazon!! Many things are 70% off!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Feeding your family on a very tight budget.....

I have had weeks where I skipped grocery shopping because money was tight. I have a large freezer that is usually full and a walk in pantry in my basement that is pretty full too. I can survive a week without shopping. I may not be eating what I really want to eat that week BUT, we will not starve. Here is how other families do it......
The 1-Week $45 Dollar Emergency Menu (Feeds 4-6 People) - Healthy Eating - Health - Family Resource - I think this is the most realistic suggestion.
Mary's $20 Monthly Menu - this one is a little outdated on the prices but you still get the basic idea.
$10 Grocery List - again, the prices are out of date but the general concept works. I had to laugh when it says to put $10 gas in your car. How far would that get us today?
Couponing, refunding, and stockpiling will make your money stretch by Mary Kenyon Issue #92 This article is written by a woman that I have admired for many years. Her thoughts are the very similar to mine when it comes to the grocery budget.


Target Printable Coupons Generator - new coupons available
CVS has Kashi cereal this week for $1.99, and here is a $2 coupon you can print twice.
Free Mailing Labels - free!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Free bug control.......

This will get you 2 free Off! PowerPad Lanterns. First, look for a tear pad of forms (seen in Home Depot, but not store specific) which offer a B1G1F rebate when you buy 2 lanterns. It expires 12/31/07. Use the B1G1F coupon from the Sunday inserts when making the purchase. You pay for one lamp, and get one free. Then send for the rebate, and you'll get the price back for the one you had to pay for. End result = both will be free. The refund is good up to $16.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Print out a coupon for a free 5x7 enlargement or collage at CVS Photo Center. Expires 6/17.
Dentek - free floss sticks
Alice Woodrum Salon - free sample
Free Dual Syringe Sample Order Form - roach bate. I do not need this but someone out there may live in an area where they are bad.
Tampax® - free sample
Do not forget to click on netwinner when ever you have a few minutes. The clicks add up!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Slow day in freebie land. Hopefully I will find more as the day goes on.
20% Off - borders coupon
a RECALL on THOMAS THE TRAIN There is a recall on many of the thomas the tank engine woodenproducts. One of them is the mail car from an offer mentioned on this blog. Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact RC2 Corp. toll-free at (866) 725-4407 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CT Monday through Thursday and between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. CT Friday, or visit the firm's Web site at

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

All My Free Stuff......

I got a ton of free stuff over the last week and a half. Here are some pictures of what I got.

This Raid yellow jacket trap is from I am part of a word of mouth study for this product. I got stung by a yellow jacket last year near our pool and it hurt bad! My arm got huge! I was very excited to try this product from a company I have depended on for many years. It looks nice hanging up and I think it is working already! I highly recommend this product! Bzz agent is also giving my friends a chance to win $300 in gift cards. Go to and use conversation ID: 322079. They will ask you a few questions that take about 5 minutes and you will be entered to win! That simple.
These are the free soda coupons I got at . We are not drinking soda right now because we are dieting but I will save these for the beach!
Thes are all the other samples I got in the mail. The free underwear are a very funny story. I picked my size not my underwear size. WELL... the underwear could fit an elephant! I will probably save them for the box I donate to a pantry at Christmas time. The other things are dog food, Dove deoderant, a great little manicure kit from , pledge wipes, clorox wipes, Cheer detergent, Fiber sure, 2 golf balls, Nivea for Men sample, Life saver gummies and Life saver fruit tarts and Dove Energy Glow body cream.

These Silly Scented colored pencils by Crayola were bought at Toys R Us with a $3.00 off coupon sent to us from their birthday club. They cost us 29 cents plus tax. They will be saved as a stocking stuffer for Christmas.


Summer has had us very busy here. I am still going to post almost everyday but sometimes it will be a little later in the day. We have lots of fun activities planned for the summer so keep the kids busy and not fighting! Make sure you check out your local library for free fun events. Some movie theaters show free movies too. Check out what is going on in your area and get in on the action!!
See lots of Kellogg cereal promotions here. Mail In Offers
Join ACNielsen's Homescan Consumer Panel! - join the panel!
Intrigue - an adult sample - Pantene Pro-V - free sample

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tuesday Update.....

Bush Brothers – Contact Us - looking for testers!! - WHISKAS PURRFECTLY Fish - free sample - Knorr Sides - this is a repeat from a few weeks ago but it is a great sample! You get a full size side dish free!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007


Tapena Tapas Challenge - free skewers - free tshirt
Enter for a Chance to Win a Trip for Two: Body, Mind and Balance Spa Sweepstakes - free sample of post chocolate shredded wheat.. make sure to check the box at the bottom for the free sample
Print off a coupon for a $25 CVS gift card for a new or transferred prescription.
Print a coupon - off 7up
Print a coupon 7 eleven slurpee coupon
Print a coupon - $1 off weight watchers snack
Clean Home Journal™ - ziploc sample
Honey Bunches of Oats - free sample


Print off the form Georgia-Pacific "Uncap Great Savings" for up to $15 off in gas purchase for spending $30 on Brawny, Quilted Northern. Page includes high-value $1.50 coupons. The refund is only good in CA and WA, but the coupons would be good anywhere. I'm not 100% sure about this page. It looks like the kind of thing that comes from a grocery flier or Sunday insert. It's good until 7/22/07.
Mr. Potato Head Trick or Tater - very cool and cheap too.
Barbie Loves T.M.X. Elmo Doll - this makes a great gift!!! It was popular last Christmas but way over priced! Check out the price now!
Splash Bomb Water Slide W/ Boogie Board - this is a great way to beat the summer heat! Looks like lots of fun and not a bad price!

Friday, June 08, 2007

1st 5,000 get a free travel bag!

Very Interesting!

What the World Eats Photo Essays TIME - i found this very interesting!


Amazon is have a great toy sale! It is a great time to start thinking about Christmas or upcoming birthdays if you have not already. Here are 2 things I thought were pretty cool.....
Slingshot Flying Duck With Quacking Sound - cute and cheap!!
Bratz Big Babyz The Movie Crazy Karaoke Cloe - popular and cheap
Kozy Shack®: 40th Anniversary - free recipe cards
Stayfree dry max - free sample
Schick® Intuition® Time Save Sweepstakes - enter to win

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Alternative Lifestyles.....

There is a lot of talk these days about living "green" or enviornmentally friendly. Here is a couple of different families that re doing it. I recycle and try to save money here and there but I am not anything like these families. Enjoy reading how others live!
Energy Family: Off The Grid - Page1 - MSN Lifestyle: Men - no electric!
The Green Mommy - interesting
Living Plastic Free in 2007 - this is hard to do!!
Walk Slowly, Live Wildly — Think. Dream. Dance. Love. Worship. Be. - living in a small space and living green


Print out the form for a $10 Home Depot gift card when you purchase $10 in ConAgra Foods 5/25 - 6/28. Only good in AL, FL, GA, TN, SC.
Try Metamucil: Free Sample - for those of us that are getting older and need to add fiber to their diets.... ;o)
Get a FREE sample of new Whiskas® Purrfectly™ Fish! - free sample
Dove® pro·age™ samples registration - another free dove sample!!
Promotion - free calculator
Mighty Dog - free sample - ConAgra Summer Grilling - yummy free sample!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wednesday..... - Connections from Hallmark — Everyday Cards - free greeting card - Surf’s Up - free popcorn sample
Play this game to see a picture of my Dh and kids. frugal finds
Traditional Songs for Children Free MP3 Downloads - free kids music downloads

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Netwinner update......

It took me exactly 7 weeks and 4,591 clicks to do but I finally qualified for a $25 gift card from Netwinner. I had 10 referrals with 3 of them clicking more than 100 times to help me with points. I did most of my clicking while working from home so it did not take away from anything else. Was it worth it? I think so. $25 extra for very little effort. I chose the Target gift card and will combine it with coupon to make the deal even better. If you want to try.... here is the link...... . Good luck and happy clicking!


These strawberries are from my garden. A little money out of pocket one year means free strawberries every year!
Claim Your COMPLIMENTARY Subscription! - American Cheerleader magazine free!
Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce-BBQ Sauce-Seasoning Salt-Steak Sauce - free bottle of BBQ sauce. This is sold at Walmart stores.
Get 40% off at ColdWaterCreek with code WLP1582 (expires 6/10)
Free lip product coupon at Bath & Body Works, click here. ( expires 6/16)
- - enter to win lip gloss
Kotex® - free sample
20% Off - Border's coupon

Monday, June 04, 2007


One way for me to make a little extra money is filling out surveys. Some survey sites pay in gift cards but this one pays in checks made out to you! You can cash in as soon as you have $10 worth. It really does not take very long to get to that either. You could realistically get several a year. Some of my friends save this extra money to buy Christmas gifts. Go sign up and check it out!


Gain Laundry - free sample
Golf Transport - Free Golf Tees - The No Hassle Way to Transport Your Golf Clubs - The No Hassle Way to Transport Your Golf C.. - sign up for free golf tees
Welcome to the Fiber35 Diet :: FREE FitSmart Bar Offer - free sample
Pollen Power! - free sample
New Suzuki XL7 test drive for a $25 Shell gas card, click here
Get $15 in savings on various Swiffer products, click here
Walgreen's has a chain going on Glucerna CEREAL. Buy one box, and out will pop a catalina for another box free up to $4.69. Use the catalina to get the next box and out will pop another coupon, ad infinitum until 6/30/07.
Free shipping at use code A579065
MAIL IN OFFER FOR NO COST FIBER BAR Send a 3 x 5 card with the following information printed clearly:Full name, Street Address (no P.O.), City, StateZip code, Phone with area code Email Mail to:Fiber35 Diet, Attn: Free Bar Offer, 198 U.S. Alt. 19 S., Palm Harbor, FL 34683(note: we will not sell or give your contact information to any outside company)Offer expires December 30, 2007. Allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.
LOTS O' PRIZES HERE Oscar Mayer Sing the Jingle - DAILY INSTANT WIN UPC Codes:000984 009290 476332
Bounty One Sheet Challenge: Details - enter to win!!
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