Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday and Tagged.....

My DS had an ENT appointment and hour away this am so I am getting a late start to everything here at home. I ahve a few freebies and then I got tagged by Nichole at A Call to Higher Places a few days ago but I was behind on my blog reading since the kids had off school on Friday so here it goes after the freebies......

Print Your Coupon $2 printable Nivea coupon - printable refund form for Zyrtec. This crap has always been expensive even when you only had to pay a copay but now it costs even more. There are a few coupons floating around.. I have recieved 2 in the mail... and now a refund.
Tide to Go - - enter to win

Four jobs I’ve had
1. waitress
2. Night club manager
3. Customer service rep at an electric company (and a quality monitor ie."This call may be monitored for quality assurance!" - yep! I did that. It is a real thing!)
4. Work from home for a large pediatrician practice - numerous tasks

Four movies I would watch over and over
1. Breakfast Club
2. Overboard
3. Grumpy Old Men
4. Grease

Four of my favorite foods
1. tomatoes
2. french fries
3. a good steak (well done only please - no blood!)
4. Coke (does that count)

Four TV shows I love to watch
1. American Idol
2. Lost
3. Big Brother
4. Two and 1/2 Men

Four places I’ve lived
1. Sorry.. I lived in the same county my whole life!

Four places I’ve been on vacation
1. London
2. Mexico
3. Bahamas
4. Las Vegas ....... to name a few! (I like vacations!!)

Four Websites I visit daily
1. Login « BzzAgent
2. Welcome Couponers
3. :: Get Paid for Blogging, Blog Advertising, Advertise on Blogs
4. and a list of about 30 blogs (what can I say, I am addicted!)

Four places I’d rather be right now
1. the beach
2. sleeping
3. shopping
4. accepting lottery winnings!

4 people I’m tagging
1. Gluten Free Frugal
2. It's my BLOG and I'll cry if I want to
3. Common Sense with Money
4. The Whole Family


Jackie said...

Hi! I was browsing your blog and wanted to ask how you like the site refund cents. You listed it as one your visit often. I am thinking about joining it. Oh yes, Overboard is one of my favs too. Jackie at CoinsIntheCouch

Frugal Finds said...

I love!! I used to get the magazine but I just do not have time to read it like I used to. I now subscribe on line only. I think it is the best refund magazine around.
Overboard is such a stpid little movie that I just love!! A rags to riches story! I just saw it on tv recently too!
I love your blog Jackie! Thanks for stopping by here!!
Frugal Carol

Jackie said...

I think I might try it at it's lowest subscription to see how I like it. Thank you for the feedback about the Refund Magazine and about my blog. :-)

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