Sunday, February 03, 2008

What I got for 2¢......

Total before coupons was $33.00. I used a $2 off $10 and $4 off $20 printable CVS coupons, 3 $1.00 manufacturer's coupons and $23.98 in ECB bucks. Total out of pocket was 2 cents!
I got $14.48 in ECB's to spend at a later date and the Saline solution had a full refund in the CVS flyer so I will also get $6.99 back in cash.
If I had realized sooner I had then much left to send, I would have grabbed something else for a $2. Oh well, the candy will not go to waste... it is just not on the diet I am supposed to be following.


Elizabeth F. said...

Wow! That's amazing. I've gotta start shopping at CVS and doign this stuff. What other stores offer cash/bucks back for purchases?

Kimberly said...

Nice job! :)

Anonymous said...


huddtoo said...

2 cents? Holy cow. You do great at CVS. You are tempting me to go there more often! ;)

Great Job! And hey, nothing wrong with a little treat now and then, esp when it's basically free!

C Swirl said...

I love CVS! I usually leave with more bucks than I spent, which is the best feeling in the world.

Anonymous said...

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judy said...

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Storm said...

Awesome deal. No CVS here, though. Bummer.

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