Monday, June 02, 2008


A few weeks ago, I saw nice chairs I would like to have for my pool deck. Over the years, I have collected a few mismatched chairs that ended up on the pool deck. I really wanted to try to have matching chairs this year. After discovering the new chairs I liked were $145 a piece, I decided the old chairs were actually in decent shape. They are just the wrong color. I got a can of Krylon Fusion Spray Paint for Plastic (12 oz.) at Lowes and spent this morning painting them black to match the other chairs. So, for $6.00 i got 2 new chairs instead of paying $145 a piece! That is how I pinch pennies!

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Julienne said...


I have been using this idea for YEARS. I still have some metal with plastic laced chairs from the early 80s in my backyard. I've just been repainting them for all these years. Also, when I realized I needed new hubcabs for my car and priced them ($40 each for Honda cars), I decided to try the fusion paint on them as well. For about $6.00 it looks like I have all new hubcaps and that was 3 years ago!!

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