Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Test your domain......

Network Solutions’ Domain Name Scorecard is a FREE quiz that tells you how well your domain name is helping your business succeed online. Answer 3 simple questions and you'll receive a domain scorecard that analyzes your domain name in 6 key areas of domain name success.
I am no where near ready for my own website but if you are, you may want to go here domain name analysis and check it out. They offer many great services such as web design service, pay per click ad management, and press release services.
They will even offer solutions for ways to improve your Domain Name Scorecard score! They have thought of all the little detail that amature bloggers like myself have not thought of.
Network Solutions is the leading provider of Internet services. Learn about their online expertise and how they can help you start and grow your business online.
Most of us have very busy family lives and the technical internet stuff if just a little to involved or time consuming for us. Network Solutions can be the answer to these issues! Now you can be out living your life and creating more moments to blog about while THEY do all the back round work!! Go take the test for starters!!

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