Saturday, June 28, 2008

Weekend Update.....

WOW! Have you seen how much pet food prices have jumped? Back here, Frugal Finds From your Frugal Friend: Thursday..... I was happy to get a cheap bag of special food for my beloved 13 year old Rocco. Normal price for that bag at the local grocery store was $17.99. This morning I ran into the local Redners to use 3 free coupons I had. One was for a free bag of dog food up to $7.xx. I could not believe my eyes when I saw that same bag of food was now $19.99! Normally, I would get the large bag and have the $7.xx from the free coupon be deducted and I pay the difference. Not today.. I got only what I could with the free coupon. I am going to have to try another kind of food for Rocco and see if he can tolerate it. I have still only payed $2.00 for puppy food for Abby since I got my hands on several free puppy food coupons.
We are having a frugal weekend at home. We rented a movie from the Redbox with a free code from here... Redbox Codes - Get Free Movie Rentals from Redbox Inside Redbox.

((( KHITS 96 ))) NO REPEAT RADIO! - free Kraft pack for the Metro St. Louis area
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Sonia said...

If you have a Sams, you can get dog food there, we just bought 41lb for $23 Lamb & rice Our dogs usually eat Purina One Lamb, and the prices are crazy. But at Sams its ok

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