Tuesday, June 03, 2008


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Please note that I have added the plastic bag counter to the side bar. We need to stop using so much plastic. Make this the year you say no to plastic! I think instead of giving a bag credit for people who use cloth, grocery stores should charge those who need the store to provide bags. This would surely make me remember to bring my cloth bags more often!!

Plastic bags consumed this year:


Elizabeth F. said...

so true. You know I was at Walmart the other day and it is sooooo hard to use cloth bags there. They scan your item and dump it into the plastic bags before you can even stop them, and there's no place put your cloth bags either...but at all of the other stores I always carry mine and love em'.

Frugal Finds said...

Elizabeth, I do not shop at Walmart but I am familiar with their set up . I would just put my bags on the converyor belt infront of the items I am buying. I do nto really care if it is convienent for the cashier or not to use them. If enough people challange Walmart, they will be forced to make a change. Just one more reason I dislike that place!!
Frugal Carol

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