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Suburban Turmoil: Who Needs Sarah Palin More- America or Her Kids? - love this post by Suburban Turmoil. I do like something about Sarah Palin but I think her family needs her more than America. I am very troubled by the growing number of moms that seem to put their own wishes and desires before those of their children. I think her pregnant teen and infant down syndrom baby need her more than America does!
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UPDATE: I just found this link and thoguht it was funny. I know... they all say stupid stuff while trying to get elected.


Anonymous said...

About your comment about Sarah Palin. If it was yesterday, I could not have agreed with you more. In fact I was saying the same thing to my husband last night BUT... This morning, I found out that her husband was a stay at home dad. With that many kids(and I have 4 myself) along with a pregnant teen and a down's baby a parent really needs to be there 24-7. These children have somebody they just call him Dad instead of Mom.

Elizabeth F. said...

I thought the dad was a commercial fisherman? Is that seasonal or does he own the company and work from home? I don't know..It's just what she said last night.

I agree with you. I think her family needs her. It is completely judgemental on my part and I know parents cannot control their children's actions 24/7, but if she is an effective leader why is her 17 year old daughter having sex and pregnant? Is Palin so into her career that she is not plugged into what is going on at home? And this is while she is just Govenor. Being VP will require lots more time away! I worry for the kids, but that's JMHO.

Anonymous said...

You are right that he was a fisherman. But after their 5th child was born 5 months ago, he quit his job to be a stay at home dad. I agree that it was too little too late. Someone should have been home with these kids before the 5th child given what I would think a political lifestyle would be.-long hours, working nights, working weekends, travel. But, her husband is home with them now.

For the record, I am a democrat. I did not see her speak the other night. I am a stay at home mom and I do agree that it has become a problem that Americans are not putting their kids first. Changes have been made in the Palin family to make them more family oriented. I did find it ironic that the Obama family lives the family values motto that the Republican party seems to push.

Calina said...

I think Sarah Palin will be an awesome VP. It sounds like she has done the state of Alaska well.

As far as her home life, I know from experience that being a full time SAHM does not insure that your children are going to be perfect. One of my daughters was also wayward for several years, but has come back to her "roots." Now I call her a prude at age 21. LOL! I also know from experience that Dads can be just as nurturing as Moms.

Did you ever think that maybe her husband can not provide enough for their family to live? Having special needs kids means more money needs, whether it be for special diet, equipment, therapies, or medicines. How do I know this, personal experience.

I say if she has her husband's blessings and she has prayed about it, go for it!

Brenda.current SAHM said...

Wow. This really brings up the heated issue between SAHM and a "work outside the home" mom. I have done both and I would say that it has to be a personal choice. In Biblical times, women did "work" outside the home, planting fields, selling merchandise.. etc. I think the biggest change that needs to happen in our society is for men and women to respect a mom's choice of career whether it is working at home or outside of it. We need to be thrilled at the fact a woman is running for VP! History in the making!

Frugal Finds said...

Don't get me wrong.. I do find this woman to be pretty amazing! I would never speak badly of a mom choosing to work outside the house either. BUT... campaingning and then possibly being the VP is hardly your typical working mom. I was a working mom at one time too. I was home every night and every weekend and left work when my child was sick. Do you think daycare will be calling Sarah while she is in Russia saying her baby is sick and she needs to come pick him up?
I would be very interseted in hearing from other mom's of downs babies. Do they find her inspiring or the opposite?

Anonymous said...

Wow- I have been following this subject in the news and on blogs. My issue with Sarah Palin is that she is has made a choice for her 17 year old daughter. She knew that her daughter was pregnant prior to accepting to be Mccain's running mate. So now her daughter is being pushed into the public eye. She is getting married at 17- ( Most women would want their daughters to wait to truly be an adult) Palin is a young enough woman that if she had put her family 1st (especially the 17 yr old) she could have tried to run again in 4 year or 8 years. It is also great for her to sit back and be so pro-life but has she ever walked in the shoes of a poorer person who cannot afford to support a child, has no family support and no where to turn. I am not an abortion supporter - I am for choice, but I am a realist that not everyone who gets pregnant comes from a nice family with a home, food, and a quality of life worth living. Palin support pro-life only in the case where the mothers health is at stake- What about Rape or incest or a super young girl?????

Anonymous said...

Michelle Obama works!!!! She is not a stay at home mom.

Frugal Finds said...

Michelle does work but is the job of campaigning for VP or being a VP really considered just a working mom? When I worked out of the home, I was still home every night. I heard on the news this morning that "Wow, Sarah Palin is going home to Alaska today." So being gone for 2 to 3 weeks at a time, staying home for 2 days and then leaving again is just considered a working mom?

Anonymous said...

I'm less concerned about Gov. Palin's family life. My wife and I have often juggled our work to make sure that our children get the attention they need.

My bigger concern is that she does not seem trustworthy. For example, she keeps repeating comments about opposing the bridge to nowhere, even though she supported it before it became unpopular and didn't come out against it until she could divert the money from the bridge project to other projects in Alaska.

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