Saturday, September 06, 2008

Weekend update.....

So far just a little rain here. I think the heavy rains will come this afternoon. Hopefully no heavy winds so we do not lose power.

Tons of coupons this Sunday!!! 4 inserts!!

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Labella CPR Signup - guitar strings
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In Support of the Truth - This is another blog about Jon & Kate plus 8. This woman is local to me. I have been hoping people close to the family would start to speak out and this woman has. Maybe between her and Aunt Jodi's sister's blog, people will start to believe this family they think is so wonderful, it not really. I would advise you to start at the very bottom of the blog and read up so that it is easier to follow. I found it very interesting. I will go on to say, I think this couple does love their children but I do not agree with how they are selling the kids in order to live the lavish life style they have come to expect.

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jmisgro said...

I often thought that John and Kate are from Pennsylvania. I cannot understand why 2 children were not enough. Especially after reading that neither parent had a job.

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