Thursday, September 25, 2008


I got all this at the store this morning. Before coupons, the total was $18.32. I had $16.35 in coupons and paid $1.97 out of pocket. I forgot my cloth bags so it could have been a little cheaper if I had them. I love coupons!!

Cold Stone Creamery Promotions - free ice cream tomorrow at Cold Stone

Try Campbell's Select Harvest soup for FREE! To receive your coupon by mail. TEXT "TLC" to 467467 from your cell phone.

Monday's Business Tip of the Day - free sample of shampoo for men

Merrick Pet Foods - Coupons - printable coupon for free dog food. Promo code is 5# bag

Enjoy Bertolli's Premium Microwavable Sauce For Free! - free sauce pouch from Bertolli!

Bertolli Coupon for Oven Bake Meals, Online Bertolli Coupons $2 printable coupon for Bertolli meals


Kasey Hunt said...

Thank you, thank you Carol! Your blog is fabulous. So much so, that you are on my blog list now!! I'm always out to find deals.

stefanie said...

Carol, thanks for visiting my blog. I'm in PA too. I admire your shopping skillz. I hate coupons, but I like to save money. I think I need that 'plastic bags consumed' counter on my sidebar, even if it is depressing. Today I forgot my reusable bags in the car. Again. So I decided I was going to buy them every time until I start remembering them. Then I will not be responsible for adding more to your counter! And since I am such a cheapskate I will probably never forget again.

Shirla said...

WOW! You did great, WTG Carol!

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