Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nickelodeon Contest.....

Nickelodeon, the company that brings your kids Nick, Nick Jr., and Noggin, is sponsoring a Holiday Money-Saving Tip contest. They’re enlisting Walmart’s Eleven Moms to run the contest, so you can enter right here at Being (as well as on the other Eleven Moms blogs) The prize? A $500 Walmart gift card!

My tip........
It is the thought that counts... not the price!
A $5 well thought out, meaningful gift that suits the person perfectly, is much more appreciated than a $20 or $50 spur of the moment, cross their name off the list type gift.

Grandma loves coffee and donuts so you get her a $5 gift card to her favorite coffee shop instead of another "Grandma Loves Her Grandkids" sweatshirt.

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