Friday, November 14, 2008

Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage

Well, Debbie at Suburb Sanity did this celebrity look alike thing. Hers were so funny that I almost peed in my pants. I decided to play along. While I am very upset to be matched closest with Roseanne, I at least matched with all women... unlike Debbie!

I already knew I was a dead ringer for Paris Hilton. I just wish I had a few hotels!!

Ok... I went back to do another one. They first photo I tried would not load so I tried yet another. I swear Debbie did something to it because this time this is what I got......

.... all MEN!!!!

BUT... at least Tom Cruise! No, not just any Tom Cruise picture... the one with the beard! What is up with that?

Wait..... I think I figured it out. This 2nd picture was on the beach with no makeup. Apparently, I look like a bearded Tom Cruise with no make up but like Paris Hilton with makeup.

Damn if I am ever leaving this house without make up again!!!


Debbie said...

I am sorry to inform you that we can no longer be friends! How dare you get all women. You cheated somehow. And a bunch of pretty women too. I feel like stomping my feet and screaming "No Fair!". Go back, try again, and don't come back until you get Don Rickles or somebody like that who will make me feel better about Carl Sagan!

Susie said...

That is toooo funny!!

Anonymous said...

ROFL!! You do not look like Roseann Barr!


MoziEsmé said...

I can definitely see the resemblance - on the first photo! The 2nd has me a little baffled, too...


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