Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday.....

After after this issue yesterday, we decided to put a clock in DS's room.

So, even though my DH put a clock in DS's room last night with strict instructions about what time he was allowed to get out of bed and what time wii was allowed to be turned on...... DS came barging from his room again at 6:20 - fully dressed! UGH! Does he not understand these are the days where we get to sleep in a little? I did send him back in his room with strict instructions to not come out again until the time started with a 7! He did.

When I came downstairs at 8:30, I found the kitchen a mess. Instead of getting a bowl of cereal for himself like he always does....... he decided to try all the left overs from the restaurant we ate at all night. When he decided he did not like any of them while they were cold, he threw them all away. 1 bite taken out of everything and in the trash!

I can only imagine what time he will get up tomorrow! I am almost positive I will have to drag him out of bed in time for school on Tuesday though!

I know one day I will think these stories are funny!


DH is working on the garden today. After he turns all the ground, he will plant out spring crops. We have to be careful since we are still having frost at night.

The tomato cages are also all lined up and ready! They will have to wait until May. Oh how I long for a fresh garden tomato! It is always a blessing if we get a ripe tomato before July 4th.


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Susie said...

Ahhhhh!! I need to do that!! Next week hubby is on staycation:-)

debb said...

I think your son is a riot! I am sure you have to wake him up for school - I do remember those days well! Love your blog and thank you for all the frugal leads and tips!

Joanne + Michelle, kookie girls clothing said...

Can't wait to get out and plant!
Thanks for visiting our kookie blog!

Debbie said...

I think restraining kids in their beds is not as widely used as it should be. If I had two mornings in a row like you had, my son would be inside those tomato cages:)

Frugal Finds said...

LOL!! I love the idea of using the tomato cages on DS!!! Now why didn't I think of that?

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