Thursday, April 09, 2009

Easter Break...

Today was our first morning of Easter Break from school. My daughter slept at a friend's house but my son was up, dressed and ready to play wii at 6:20 AM! There is a new rule in our house. No wii until 8AM!!! He thought I was being unreasonable. I think I was very generous!

We headed out to the dentist a little after the early morning wii session. This is my son being a little mad about being at the dentist. We then had to hear the dentist complain about how it hurts his feelings when kids say that. Does he think I care? Does he know I was up at 6:20 fighting the no wii until 8AM battle?

We then headed to Walmart for the deals I wanted in on this week. This is $42.62 in groceries (including $2.03 in taxes). After $26.77 in coupons and a $10 gift card that I won at a friend's party.... I paid $5.85.

Need Free deodorant? Go over to that column --------> and scroll down to find the box. Click on see all coupons. Scroll through to find the $2.00 off Dry Idea. It is on sale at Target this week for $1.99. Free deodorant!!


One Mom, Five Kids said...

Arrghhh! Wii at 6:20 AM!! Any kind of noise or movement at all that early is enough to push you over the edge. Least for me that is.

I don't do well when I have to move too fast in the morning and fighting any of those 'Mom's Mean Battles' too early is deffently out of the question (although I have had a few of those too early and believe me - heads ROLLED!) My kids know (or should know) not to mess with me too early in the morning. I just don't function well that early. My brain don't work or something.

Great job on the shopping! Congrats on winning the $10 GC! Lucky Duck!

Dr. Mom said...

6:20...Yuck. It's funny, I can't drag my kids out of bed at 6 am during the week, but when the weekend hits, it's no problem for them to get up at that time or even earlier! Kids.

Great shopping!

Terri said...

great deal at Wallyworld! I have a difficult time there...I think it's my hatred-of-Walmart-energy.

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