Thursday, November 15, 2007

Frugal Thanksgiving......

I am going to my MIL's for dinner this Thanksgiving. We usually cook the entire meal here but this year all I have to make is the potato filling. DH and I enjoy making this together while listening to Christmas music and having a few drinks after the kids go to bed. To make the recipe a little more thrify this year I downlaoded some coupons for Target here... The sour cream and Stove top should be almost free. I do not have a Super Target but if I did I would also be loading up on cheap celery!! I normally watch the sale adds for the cheapest price on Turkey's and both Dh and I head there to get 2 turkeys. One for Thanksgiving day and one for the freezer. I used to get a free turkey every year from my grocery store but I no longer shop at a store that runs those promotions. - some great frugal recipe ideas for the meal and the leftovers! - give you a great breakdown on costs. - Thanksgiving Trivia - my kids love making these name tags to decorate the Thanksgiving table! - frugal center pieces

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