Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Green Week.. Recycle Tuesday....

Here are a few ways to recycle odd items that are not allowed in your curb side recycle bin. I want to encourage you to please recycle everything you can so that the earth will be here for your grandchildren. It really takes very little effort to make a difference.
http://www.greendisk.com/ - recycle old video tapes and cd's.
http://www.nrc-recycle.org/reuseashoe.aspx - recycle old sneakers.
http://www.freecycle.org/ - find a group in your area and give away things you can no longer use. Even mattresses! You will be suprised and what you might find for yourself. Don't be discouraged by the outrageous posts on here though!
http://sfbay.craigslist.org/ - find your local list and buy, sell, trade, give or get on the site!
http://www.promisehealthyheart.com/coupons/register.aspx - fill out this form to get a free coupon!!
Love it or it's free: http://www.minutemaid.com/help/en/PomegranateBlueberry.jspTry 59 oz Minute Maid Enhanced Juice Pomegranate Blueberry flavored 100% Juice Blend. If you don't love the product, we'll refund your purchase price. Here's how to receive your refund. Clearly print your name and complete address on a 3x5 card and send with the original cash register receipt with purchase price circled, in a #10 envelope to:
Minute Maid Enhanced Juice Offer
Box 52612
Knoxville TN 37950
Expires 2/28/08. (borrowed from Refundcents... link on the right column)
Pacific Precision Metals #77701 Steel Can Crusher (Crusher) - this will help you crush your alluminum cans for easy storage in a can outside. Recycle your can to help the enviornment and make a little cash in the process!

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