Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Today is Oprah's favorite things show!!! I always love this episode!!
Walmart.com - Friskies Dry Cat Food - free sample
Airborne Health Special Offers - On-the-Go - free sample
Cesar.com Register Now! - free sample
Neutrogena - free full size product
Charmin Restrooms - free download of Charmin potty songs
Team Nutrilite - - free sample
Kotex® - free sample
Butter Recipe Request Form - holiday butter recipes
The Original Television Christmas Classics - I really want this set!
The Little Engine That Could Wooden Train Set - this set was made in America and a lot safer than Thomas sets that come from China. Toys made in Chine seem to be a big concern for all parents this Holiday season.
Little Tikes Shopping Cart - also made in America!
Little Tikes Workhorse - this one is American mde too!!
I Spy A School Bus (Scholastic Readers) - these are American made too!!
Toys Made In America -- Extensive list of American toy companies, brands and products - go to this site for a list of companies that have American made toys. The list is longer than I thought!
Strathwood Copper Finish Bird Feeder - this is a great gift!! Marked down from $38 to $14.99. All ages love watching bird feeders!!
sample.jpg - free sample from playtex

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting American made toys! I've been on the look out for those :)

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